Reveal: Carolina Cottage Exterior

June 29, 2023

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Carolina Cottage Exterior Reveal

Carolina Cottage Exterior Reveal!

The reveal of the Carolina Cottage Exterior is finally here!! I cannot believe the transformation of this sweet little house. I know I’ve said it already, but if it weren’t for Mark and my Thorn Cove Abode, I would be moving in. Instead, we are going to list on AirBnb and you my friends can stay here {soon}!!

Carolina Cottage Exterior Reveal

From the 1940’s to 2023

Do you remember where we started in February when I bought this cottage on Facebook Marketplace?? The home was built in 1940 and passed through several owners. If you’ve been following along, you know we found some fun surprises during demo on the inside, like old newspaper clippings, razor blades and cans in the walls! Unfortunately, the exterior didn’t have any fun, cute surprises like the inside, but the terrible kind of surprises. Mark started calling this cottage “Misery Manor” due to the myriad of issues we discovered along the way.

Carolina Cottage Before

Siding and Window Restoration

Here’s an image of where we started. The exterior had faded blue vinyl siding that had extensive damage. Places were even patched with a completely different vinyl color and style. The siding was not salvageable so while we chose to stick with vinyl siding we did choose something much nicer. The siding we chose is from Kaycan and you can check it out here.

If you’ve never shopped vinyl before, we went with what they call a ‘Straight Lap’ in the color ‘Linen’. Straight Lap is a little more expensive, but worth it. This style has a closer resemblance to traditional wood clapboard while Dutch Lap has an exterior groove. I chose straight because it looks better aesthetically.

Original Windows

When it came to positioning vinyl over the windows, I chose to leave the wood windows exposed. I feel strongly vinyl over window trim catches water and is the reason for much of the rot issues. However, leaving the windows exposed meant I had to choose additional paint colors for the brick chimney, foundation, trim and doors.

All the windows are original to the home and it makes a HUGE difference! We did repair and reglaze them though {read all about how we Restored the Old Windows here}. It was truly a painstaking process. When you compare my little cottage to the homes on each side, you can absolutely see why saving old windows is worth it.

While we dealt with lovely vinyl issues, we came across some more ‘not so fun’ surprises. We had to completely rebuild the back of the home due to severe wood rot. It was a miracle it hadn’t caved in {read all about that here}. Since we had to literally pull off part of the back of the house, we went ahead and decided to shift things. We ended up moving the location of the exterior door which created a wonderful flex room on the inside. The house is really a tiny cottage and we were able to create an enclosed mud/laundry room just off the back.

Fun Fact: My Carolina Cottage is actually one of three sweet tiny homes built all in a row for a set of sisters years ago. There is a larger main house and then three small homes which were all built around the same time.

A Whole New Roof

I wasn’t planning on having to install a new roof. {Notice the trend here of the Carolina Cottage keeping me from my plans}. The previous roof could have stayed a few more years, but we had to remove two non functioning chimneys from the back of the home {yep, seriously}. After the chimneys were removed we could have patched the roof, but that would just have been a “band aid” essentially. So, I thought I’d go ahead and eat the expense of the whole roof now. I’m so glad we did because guess where else we found rotted boards? Yep, the ROOF!

When we added the black metal roof we extended the front and back roof by 12”. The extensions allowed us to create an overhang to help prevent any future rot or damage. We ended up adding a black metal roof for longevity and durability. {You can read about the roof here}!

We ‘repointed’ the large brick chimney on the front to secure it after so many years of neglect. I was not about to remove this one due to the charm {and labor cost}.

Carolina Cottage Exterior Chimney

Charming Stoop and Patio

Can you believe the contractor I purchased this house from was going to rip out this front door?! Thankfully he had too much going on and I was able to save this sweet, charming door! I did end up having to scrape and scrape it, but I absolutely loved the way it turned out.

The door is so sweet with the stoop! The front steps were never supposed be fully painted. I only wanted the tops done, but there was a miscommunication. {Side note: my exterior painters don’t speak any English so I’m actually surprised this is all that occurred. The interior painters do however, but that’s another story}.

Thankfully, I caught them before they painted our new back stairs we added to match the original front stairs. I worked so hard scrubbing and stripping those dang steps for them just to get painted over! It was worth it 🙂

In addition to adding a mud/laundry room, we added a brick patio to the back of the house. We thought a little space for a bistro set and grill would be nice for guests. We do plan to install a privacy fence in the coming weeks as well.

If you’ve followed me for awhile you know this brick I have is so, so special to me! It’s the same brick we salvaged from my old elementary school! We are going to use it on our Beaufort property as well. I love this very cool full circle moment of me using my creative abilities on this home with the brick where I took my very first elementary art classes!!

Exterior Final Details

When it came to choosing exterior paint colors I was a little nervous about having three colors. The vinyl siding is one color plus I have three more colors on the house, but it all came together even better than I could have hoped for!

For the foundation, steps and brick chimney, I chose painted Accessible Beige by Sherwin Williams. For the trim around the doors and the windows I went with High Reflective White by Sherwin Willams. I wanted a crisp white against the warm linen vinyl foundation tones. The lovely pop of blue on the doors is Nantucket Fog by Benjamin Moore, which is the same blue I went with inside the home. I just love how warm the paint colors turned out!

The lights and window boxes pull it all together! The lights were actually a great inexpensive find from Walmart {less than $25.00}. The window boxes were so affordable and add such a cute touch!

We still have some small touches to do {like new crawlspace vents, landscaping and adding that privacy fence} but I couldn’t wait another minute to share a “finished space” with you! You’ve all supported and laughed and commiserated with me through this process and I am so thankful. I know this Cottage was a MESS when we found it, she really turned out so cute! I feel like I could handle any renovation thrown at me now 🙂

I’d love to know in the comments what you think of the final exterior?!?!

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  1. MaryAlice Lavino says:

    Beautiful job, looks amazing!❤️

  2. Jennifer says:

    It’s adorable…all your hard work paid off!!

  3. Absolutely perfect! You’ve done an AMAZING job 😎

  4. Such a beautiful home! You should be so proud of the hard work you and your family put into making this an adorable cottage! Looking forward to seeing what you’ve done inside too! Thanks for sharing !!

  5. Jeanette Akright says:

    You and Mark did a beautiful job! My daughter has a 1930s home very similar in style so I have been sending her ideas on what she can do. We found the original arched screen door in her garage attic and I can’t wait to get my hands on it and bring it back to it’s original beauty!

  6. Amy says:

    It looks beautiful and the neighbors have to be so happy with how it looks now bc it brings so much charm to the neighborhood!!

  7. Lisa says:

    It’s so adorable, I can’t wait to see the inside as well.

  8. Amy Bettenga says:

    This house is absolutely darling! You did a fantastic job. I am so excited to see the inside!

  9. Nancy Essary says:

    What an incredible transformation! Love how you have such a gift for seeing all the potential in a home ( cottage ) that is absolutely in shambles!! Just beautiful!

  10. Kimberly Corns says:

    The exterior turned out amazing. Very cute. Definitely worth all the troubles and extra issues you found. I’m sure the neighbors are loving the updates.

  11. Rhonda Harrington says:

    Amazing work

  12. Karri Shook says:

    Y’all did an awesome job 🤩 this is The Cutest little cottage 🏡 I’ve loved watching the transformation! 🫶🏻

  13. Maria Vouga says:

    It is absolutely beautiful!! It’s simply lovely!! You’re an excellent writer as well. Is there anything you can’t do? Lol. I so enjoyed reading this after following along with the entire renovation! You’re amazing! ❤️

  14. Amber Williams says:

    Absolutely adorable! You all did an awesome job, all the hard work definitely paid off!

  15. Linda says:

    Absolutely stunning!!! What a good job you’ve done, it’s truly beautiful!!! If ever we get back over to the States I would love to stay here. Xxx

  16. Cathy Damen says:

    The Carolina Cottage is absolutely darling! Job well done.

  17. Shelley Johnson says:

    Stunning!! You need to be on HGTV!!

  18. Talia says:

    Beautiful!! You just ooze creativity!!!

  19. Teresa Harper says:

    It’s beautiful!! You done a wonderful job!! I plan to come and stay a night or two!! 🤞🏻

  20. G Blanton says:

    Totally in awe!! It is dreamy!!!!!

  21. Gloria Pflager says:

    it looks great, can’t wait to see inside. what a bummer about those steps, you worked so hard on them. The roof flashing on the fireplace looks a little out of place, too bad they didn’t camouflage it a little better — is it paintable?

  22. Jennifer Finnerty says:

    it looks darling, Such a cute cottage. Would be so fun to stay there. Cant wait to see all the inside.

  23. Bethany says:

    You’re work ethic is admirable!! We have loved watching this transformation, and we have felt your pain and agony over these painters! You show us grace and perseverance and determination during your projects. A job well done! Looking forward to what comes next!

  24. Tracy says:

    The transformation is amazing. Y’all did such a great job. And I just love the colors!

  25. Alisa says:

    Looks amazing! I know a lot of hard work and love went in to make this such a success, you should be so proud. Thanks for sharing! ❤️

  26. Lisa says:

    Love love it! Seriously so cute. The colors are lovely.

  27. Amy Beath says:

    It is SO darling! The name is perfect for it now so let’s kick Mark’s nickname to the curb 🤣
    I love the little tiny window and didn’t even notice it before the house was painted!

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    It’s adorable! ❤️

  29. Diana says:

    The house turned out beautiful! You did a fabulous job on it!!!

  30. Cherie Rush says:

    I love the blue door and the window boxes! You done good girl!

    • Linda Tindal says:

      You always have the Midas touch! I know the neighbors are so appreciative of the facelift, too!

  31. Mary Kenney says:

    So beautiful – loved watching the journey

  32. Smith Kelly says:

    It’s amazing to me what you can do in a day or just a few months! A true inspiration, I love following along!

  33. Megan Biswell says:

    I know you worked yourself to the bone, and it probably didn’t feel like it to you, but dang you get stuff done/rebuilt beautifully in such a quick time! You inspire me to be a hard working man!

  34. Jessica Davis says:

    Gorgeous just absolutely adorable!! Your amazing at what you do. I can’t wait to stay here for real and see it listed on Airbnb, oh my. I always look on Airbnb at cute little stays and to know I’ve seen this one at it’s worst would be so surreal to be in the kitchen like out the window. I love the bricks in the back under the door I wish the front was like that, a pop of the original. Other then that it’s perfect I can’t wait to see the inside. Good job there mama you are a bad ass!

  35. Tina Ziegler says:

    It is absolutely adorable! I would love to stay there! Can’t wait to read the description about the area it’s in!

  36. Mitzi Thompson says:

    Beautiful!!! It’s been so fun to watch! Can not wait for the inside reveal!

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    It’s so beautiful! I love it’s quaint, cozy feel. Can’t wait to see a full walk through when you have time 😊

  51. Mindy McHugh says:

    Carolina Cottage is beautiful! I love the colors and all the details! You have a gift for taking tired, neglected property and turning it into a beautiful home!☀️🏠

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    She is such a sweet and adorable little cottage!! I would love to live there!! You have an amazing talent!! God Bless you and your family!!

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    Fairytale cottage so charming 😍

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    Can you show us pics of all three of the little houses?

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    What a fantastic job you’ve done! What a sweet little cottage you have created, well done! Can’t wait to see the inside as well!

  72. Constance Velasco says:

    If the inside is as beautiful as the outside, we’re in for a treat! You’ve done an amazing job!

  73. Constance Velasco says:

    If the inside is a cute as the outside, we’re in for a real treat! You’ve done an amazing job!

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    Fantastic – your vision was right on!!!

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  80. Debbie Jo says:

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    Unbelievably charming! Will be irresistible with some colorful flowers (and maybe a white picket fence?😉)
    Please be sure to install and run a strong dehumidifiing system in your crawlspace to keep out moisture and prevent future molds!!
    We didn’t know, and it cost us almost everything from toxic mold spores coming up from the crawlspace into our lovely VA home!😔
    Bravo, team!!👏👏👏

  108. Karen Snipes says:

    The cottage has history and you saved it the best way. It is a beautiful place to add to a weekend of fun and relaxing activities.

  109. Karen Snipes says:

    The cottage has history and you saved it the best way. It is a beautiful place to add to a weekend of fun and relaxing activities. You and your helpers made a wreck into a home.

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  144. Phyllis McClain Arth says:

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  158. Love it! You did an awesome job. However for safety, I wonder if some kind of rail could be installed on the steps. Not sure how it should be installed but I am sure it would appreciated.

  159. Dawn says:

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    I passed by and my mouth dropped! It looks great!

  162. Ashlan G. says:

    Hey! I have been following you for years. I recently deleted social media, but have kept up with you through your blog. I LOVE what you have done with this cute little cottage. I can tell it’s going to be the coziest little place to stay. My husband and I are planning a trip to this area at the beginning of August. We were originally planning to stay in Charelston, but if this were to be available, we would definitely stay there! Do you think it will be listed on Airbnb by the beginning of August? You’ve done such a great job!

    • Good for you. Sometimes I dream of deleting all socials. HA. As for your inquiry, Yes and I’m absolutely flattered! I hope to have it live on AirBnB in the next couple of weeks. Just wrapping up all of the finishing details now.

  163. Carol says:

    Great job on the exterior. Same colors as a house I had years ago except I used the blue on shutters and basement also. Yours looks better; bigger by using the accent color on door only. When will she be available to rent???

  164. Lisa Geraty says:

    Oh my goodness, it’s so precious! I’m so glad you got to keep that door with it’s wonderful shape and I love all the colors too. I’d live there in a hot minute if I was single too. Love!

  165. Michelle G says:

    Brittany, it looks so pretty! Goodness, it is the cutest!

  166. Anne Petrasek says:

    All of your hard work gave life back to this sweet house. What a great picture of God’s restoration. I’ve got to take something old and born and restored to the beauty he had planned for it. Beautiful job. Thanks for taking us on your journey.

  167. Denise Altland says:

    You did a great job
    Do you have pictures of the inside of the house

  168. Barbara Dendy says:

    It’s adorable!!!!
    You guys did an amazing job. The little house is standing proud!!!!🏡