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A tradional, southern living room is timeless and cozy. I love a neutral palette where accessories can easily be swapped out. You’ll see that I love to change the colors in this space season to season. Shop my favorite finds for your living space.

Living Room

The heart of the home! I have a large family and we host a party at least once a month. A kitchen with ample storage and counter space is very important when you host so often. Shop my favorite kitchen accessories and styles.


The bedroom is my retreat. You'll find me hanging out in here several times throughout the day. So much of our lives gets shared with others. It's so important to have a calming space of our own. Shop my favorite bedroom looks and styles.


I’ve been told I’m the “queen of bathrooms.” That seriously makes me giggle. What a title, but I’ll gladly accept it. Don’t underestimate how fun it is to create a beautiful bathroom. The details are always important, but much more so in a small space. Shop my favorite bathroom finds.

Master Bathroom

This is one of my favorite rooms in my house. I have rarely changed anything in here. If I could capture the essence of my style in one room, this is it. Shop my favorite dining room finds here. 

Dining Room

In the entryway, you are greeted by 100+ year old flooring leading you either into our main living space or up the stairs where you will find my collection of old signage on the wall. I created a small drop zone right inside the entryway for everyday shoes and a peg rack for seasonal items such as coats and/or bags. 


The laundry/mudroom is tiny, but mighty. I packed every square inch of this room for maximum functionality. The bench not only provides a place to sit while getting ready to head outdoors, but also a spot to stow away shoes underneath. We spend most of our days outdoors, so a nice big sink for cleanup was a must. Hidden behind the floor to ceiling cabinetry is not only tons of storage, but a laundry chute for the upstairs bedrooms.

Laundry Room

We recently made big changes to the kid’s rooms. They have both grown so much in the six years we have lived in the house. Sevi asked for a desk so she can craft and we built shelves for her stuffies!

Sevi's Room

My not-so-little boy asked for a big kid bed for Christmas. And not just any new bed, a floating bed. He wanted to add LED lights to the bottom of it, which made it even cooler of course. He even asked for a Lava Lamp -it’s all very cool!

Jackson's Room

Bathrooms are one of my favorite spaces to design. I really love to pack the details in a small room. You’ll usually find lots of wood wall treatments, fun wall decor, and pretty colors in these spaces.


The playroom was a must for our home. It provides a place for us to have fun as a family without cluttering up the rest of the home. We love to snuggle up on the bean bags with a movie in the evenings. In this room, you’ll also find floor to ceiling cabinetry that houses an array of craft supplies from scrapbooking to painting. I custom designed this desk space for each of my two children. There is room on each side for the both of them here at the same time.


Have you ever found yourself needing a home office, but didn't have the space for one? We converted the closet under our staircase into our office and it was the best decision! We like to refer to it as our "Cloffice."

The Cloffice

This is one of our favorites spots in our house. With a lake view from each window, this is where we see the sunrise each morning and eat dinner together each night.

Breakfast Nook

I love sitting out on porch! We have a beautiful front porch complete with gingerbread trim (my dad and I made) and also an enclosed back porch I use all year round. Shop my favorite porch products!


Am I crazy for tearing apart a brand new RV? Some may say yes, but now it feels like home away from home. Our motorhome was even featured in a magazine!

Renovated RV

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