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March 1, 2023

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Carolina Cottage Demo Update
Lunch Break with Dad

Carolina Cottage Demo Week 10,000

The Carolina Cottage demo is coming to an end! If we’re being honest here I am pretty sure something else somewhere along the way will need to be demolished! I appreciate that ya’ll helped name this little house somethin’ cute, but right now we have some other names for her {aka Crack Cottage and Agony Abode!} I see your potential ol’ girl, but it’s going to take a little more than sweet TLC to get ya there.

Ok, so it hasn’t really been 10,000 weeks, but sort of feels like. This week I had to bring in the big guns and start drinking. Drinking C4 pre-workout that is. I used to drink this stuff when I was into weight lifting (now I just lift bricks and heavy beams evidently.) Usually I can get by with my trusty Nespresso, but truly gutting this house required something just a little bit stronger.

Kitchen Down

This week we completely gutted the kitchen (!). This was a first for me. I have renovated kitchens before (see the post on our “Little House“), but a gut job, no way. My plan from the start was to just remove all the old cabinetry and shelving to convert it to a mudroom . When we started in on the kitchen we quickly realized there was a ton of rot in the exterior wall so the whole thing had to go. I’m actually excited about this development (even though it was a beast to do), because I was able to add on a flex space. The home’s layout will be better and whoever ends up renting will have a flexible space they can use for an office, extra space for wardrobe, a pantry, etc. Thats the great thing about a flex room, it can be whatever you need it to be.

You all know how I love Facebook Marketplace (I mean, that’s how I found this house after all). I actually found an entire kitchen cabinetry set on Marketplace that we will complete this kitchen with (amazing, right?!) Remember, this is going to be a rental and not our forever home, so I don’t want to go broke here. This is a true Janky to Swanky project if there ever was one!

Hidden Treasures

As we’ve been pulling back walls, we’ve uncovered some cool newspaper clippings, ads for Duke’s Mayo (the best) and pretty wallpaper. It’s all so old and some layered on top of each other, it makes it so hard to pull full pieces off, but we have snippets at least. While finding all these hints at the past, I can’t help but wonder about the people who’ve lived in this home over the past 80+ years. It’s amazing how our homes can really tell our stories, long after we are gone.

This little home we are renovating is actually one of three residences that were used by a Doctor and his family a long time ago. The Doctor worked at the nearby Insane Asylum which used to be in view of these three homes before they tore the facility down. Interesting, right?

The Couple Who Demos Together, Stays Together.

Once we are past this demo and I can possibly sleep or walk again, I plan to put the best newspaper and wallpaper clippings in a shadow box to honor the home and remind us of the work we’ve done. Speaking of work, ya’ll remember how I bought this house without telling Mark right? 😉 And yet, here he is, working his tail off alongside me.

Yes, we had been looking to turn a house into a rental, but he wasn’t planning on this much effort. {I mean nobody was if we’re being honest.} This has been a family affair, but really that’s it. Me, Mark, his uncle, my dad and my mother-in-law have done nearly all of it ourselves. We’re tired, but dang proud of ourselves too.

There’s something about working alongside this man as we build this home and our life together that just gets me. It’s so hard and so rewarding. We get to dream together, support each other and laugh a whole lot. It’s been reminding me of that little promise Mark made to me when we were just babies ourself.

I wouldn’t trade this for anything and I am so glad our kids get a front row seat watching us. Just have to pinch myself sometimes. Now, our kids clearly don’t think much of this little place, but you just wait and see!

Which part of the Caroline Cottage are you most looking forward to seeing complete?

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  1. Sharon Mamanao says:

    The house as a whole, but I love a cute Kitchen! So that is what I can’t wait to see.
    It will all be beautiful I’m sure!

  2. Pamela Edwards says:

    Flex room!

  3. Gwendolen Mottern says:

    I cannot wait to see how beautiful you make it! So proud of you and Mark!!

  4. Guerrina says:

    I can’t pick one specific thing! All of it, room by room! I’m trying to imagine Mark’s comments now knowing the relation to the insane asylum…Manic Manor it is!

  5. Dianna Davis says:

    I think I’m looking forward to see it all come together, but most of all the kitchen. I am sure it will all be amazing!

  6. Lisa N says:

    Don’t make us pick! Can’t wait to see the living room with the fireplace, the new kitchen with the found cabinets and the bigger bathroom:)
    Could you pencil whip a rough layout of the cottage for us please? I’m having a hard time following the videos of the layout.

    • Bonnie says:

      Yes, I would love to see a sketch too, so I could get the layout right in my mind. I’m so invested and can’t wait to see each new new day’s adventures 😍

      • Brittany Smith says:

        I added a sketch to my Instagram, but will try to remember to add it to the next blog post for referral, as well.

  7. Sue Whalen says:

    I love watching this whole thing! You and Mark are making memories and your kids are learning about what marriage really is…
    Working together, perseverance, supporting your spouse and having some laughs along the way! Love it all! Can’t wait to see the finished product. It’s gonna be amazing!

  8. Margaret Diez says:

    I just love to watch your family work together. I’m most excited about the new kitchen layout.

    • Brittany Smith says:

      The kitchen makes me the most nervous since I’m working around cabinetry found on marketplace, but I think it will turn out.

  9. Debbie DuBose says:

    Love love the walls & ceiling!! Y’all are doing an awesome job. Look forward daily to see the progress! Can’t wait to see the end result! ❤️

    • Brittany Smith says:

      Thank you Debbie! I cannot believe how lucky we got with this floor to ceiling tongue and groove!

  10. Linda Corder says:

    Hi Brittany, looking forward to it all if I’m honest.😊 You and Mark are just so lovely, what a relationship you have. It’s also so lovely to have family support and the kids will love it when it’s done. One thing I am looking forward to is seeing what you do with all those old clippings 😊 I love the history side of things, especially local history, it’s just fascinating!!! So good luck with everything and thank you for being so lovely.
    All the best, Linda xx

    • Brittany Smith says:

      Thank you so much, Linda! I hope to have a shadow box delivered today for those bathroom finds!

  11. Shawn Pugel says:

    All of it!

  12. Karen Katchuk says:

    I’ve been so interested in this house project! I’ve always wanted to do this but would never take it on. I’m in awe of you doing it! 🥰

    • Debbie Garcia says:

      Brittany you are so inspiring and so is your marriage. You and Mark are truly an example of what it means to be one! You love and support each other and you laugh along the way. Sevi and Jack are growing up with a beautiful example of respect and partnership. This little cottage will be a diamond because you did it with love.

    • Brittany Smith says:

      You can just live vicariously through me. All the fun without the headaches… lol

  13. Liz St pierre says:

    I can’t wait to see the front door entryway. It shows so much promise

    • Brittany Smith says:

      I feel the same about that front entry. One of the reasons I wanted this house. I cannot wait to it her all shined up!

  14. Toni Gorrell says:

    Can’t choose just one. I’m just amazed at what you all do. Talk about work ethic! I stand in awe! ❤️

  15. The Kitchen. My neck hurts just thinking about you getting that black stuff off the ceiling. Just keep telling yourself it will be worth it.

    • Brittany Smith says:

      Thanks for the encouragement, Suzi! Thankfully, it isn’t a very big house and doesn’t seem unmanageable most days. I’ve only had to have 1 chiropractor visit so far. haha!

  16. Judith Vacchiano says:

    The kitchen and the exterior and the fireplace room! Couldn’t pick just one 🙃

  17. Anita says:

    It’s gonna be good, y’all!!!