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Playroom and Kid Rooms

August 17, 2023

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playroom and kid room
My babies in the playroom! Who remembers washi tape on the ceiling pre- bead board?

The Playroom

Our playroom and kid rooms are some of our favorite spaces, so today you get a little tour. I have a feeling this playroom will be evolving now that I have a Middle Schooler!! Seriously, how did that happen?  Look how tiny they both are in this photo. I am just in shock over here, but I am also enjoying these fun ages. Let’s dive in to the tour!

As many of you know, my house may look older, but it’s definitely a new build. You can read more about how Mark and I worked hard to make our custom home a dream come true here. Some of the spaces I was looking forward to creating were a fun, functional playroom and of course kid rooms too. Kids rooms are always the most fun to design and decorate!

If you’re able, a playroom is such a nice addition to a home with children! A space where the kids can be creative and where memories can be made {and would entertain them while the rest of the home remained clean, ya know.} Since I have a boy and a girl, I went with neutral wall colors and matched the rest of our home. We chose one of my favorite whites, Snowbound by Sherwin Williams for the walls and the perfect “greige” Edgecomb Gray by Benjamin Moore on the art/homework desk and trimwork. I stained the desk top Early American by Minwax and like the contrast a lot. The playroom is attached to both bedrooms which works out great!

The green wall the kids are standing near is actually a chalkboard! I used a tintable chalkboard paint I found at Lowe’s and even hung a little chalk tray on the wall to hold all of their chalk. Fun fact, we’ve had a chalk wall in every home I’ve ever owned. To get the perfect vintage chalkboard color, I took a small vintage green chalkboard and had Lowe’s color match it.

You can shop all the things I used in these spaces here.

playroom and kid room
This is the kids desk area in the playroom.

Kid Rooms Updated

Sevi’s Room

Earlier this year, we made some big changes to the kid’s rooms. They have both grown so much in the six years we have lived in the house. For Christmas, Sevi asked for a desk in her room so she can craft and create to her heart’s content. {She definitely is my child!}

playroom and kid room

When we were building our home I noticed the contractors walled up two separate attic spaces off the kid’s bedrooms. The small spaces just felt like they were still usable. So I had them go back and cut little doors into these areas. Well, this year we finally decided to make a “secret room” for her in the little space that’s just off her bedroom (just behind that cute little pink door). {It was previously a space to throw junk in.}

Mark and I added custom shelving and we were able to squeeze a desk in the “secret room” along some very sweet decorations. You can read all about how we made this special space for Sevi here! I painted it a pretty light blue and used this super cute peel and stick cloud wallpaper from Love vs Design to make it feel light and bright! Now, Sevi can dream and create at her desk while looking up at the clouds.

For Sevi’s bedroom and bathroom I once again went with Snowbound by Sherwin Williams. The little playroom door in her bedroom is a custom color I mixed up using leftover paints. Wouldn’t you have loved to have a space like this as girl!?

Jackson’s Room

Cue the tears {and maybe an eye roll or two-it’s middle school now after all.} Still cannot believe he started sixth grade this week! We have been feeling the change a little bit with the new clothing opinions and the short answers to, “How was school today?” {Prayers appreciated, ha}!

jackon's pre-teen room
Jackson’s Updated Bedroom- All the LED lighting!

Jackson also asked for updates to his bedroom this year, but his were more drastic. He basically wanted a whole new set up! He used to have a really cool bunk bed we found on Facebook Marketplace {ya’ll know I love a good Marketplace find.} It looked like a miniature house and was the cutest thing! I miss it!

Fast forward a few years and my not-so-little boy asked for a big kid bed for Christmas. And not just any new bed, a floating bed. He wanted to add LED lights to the bottom of it, which made it even cooler of course. He even asked for a Lava Lamp -it’s all very cool!

Recent Updates

While he really loves the bed, the headboard was optional. He kept dropping things behind it, so I knew we needed to be added. {You can read all about his cool, new pre-teen room here.}

I bought, built and installed the new headboard myself this week and it’s perfect! It wasn’t the easiest project I’ve put together, but it was a lot easier than the Carolina Cottage {yep, I said it, she was a pain at times!} He still loves the new Beddys we added this year too! Those are on every bed in our home! We LOVE them.

He also has a super cool “secret room” complete with a fingerprint lock! The lock was super easy to install and Jackson feels like a legit spy kid now. What kid doesn’t dream of a secret room that can only be entered by fingerprint?!

Jackson's updated pre-teen room
Jackson’s New Headboard

Playroom and Kid Rooms {for now}

I know more changes are coming to these spaces over the years. While it’s hard to see these kids grow, I’m so proud of them and love the sweet memories we are making together. I’m also thankful for a sweet husband who helps make all our dreams come true too! He loves me, {despite all the DIY projects I make him do for me ;}

Tell me what you think of the updates! And, any advice {or warnings} about middle school – ha!

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  1. Tina Peiffer says:

    I love the kids rooms. Very thoughtful and sweet!

  2. Karen Snipes says:

    Love the two room updates.! Jackson and Sevi are the extra kids I enjoy watching as they tackle the ever changing world we live in.!

  3. Jackson’s “Secret Room” is so secret he won’t even let you show us!
    Are you adopting? I’d like to put in my application. Lol

  4. Teresa Farrell says:

    Once again your talent came through. I absolutely love every square inch of it. I also love Sherwin Willians Snowbound….cant go wrong with it. You are truly an inspiration and can’t wait for your Halloween decorating skills…it has always been one of my favorite holidays especially when my kiddos were still home…but hey, never too old for a trick or treat.😁 Keep up the awesome work.

  5. Sharon says:

    Love the up dates! Love your home. And the cottage. Love watching your family all grow together. Beautiful family!