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July 19, 2023

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carolina cottage airbnb

Carolina Cottage Airbnb is LIVE!

The Carolina Cottage Airbnb listing is officially live!! I almost never thought this day would come! Not only am I beyond excited to be done, but to share this sweet, beautiful, historic home with YOU!!

This has been a true labor of love {blood, sweat and a whole lot of tears.} But, it was worth it! I mean just look how cute she is!

Where We Started

Let’s not forget my kid’s reaction when I first took them to this house! {Click to watch} Seriously though. If you are new around here, I bought this Cottage off Facebook Marketplace (wild, right?) while my husband was out of town. The journey has been more treacherous than we expected, but the reward has been so sweet! If you’re curious about everything we’ve done, you can read all about the transformation here.

Come Stay With Us!

Truly, I’m so thankful we were able to restore this home to its former glory! This cozy cottage is one of three little homes that were built for sisters in the 1940’s. If you are curious about the location, things to do or even more on the final look keep on reading.

I would love to host you!

Come relax in this charming 1940’s Cottage in laid back Chesnee, SC, just 4 blocks from Historic Downtown. Newly renovated and only 17 minutes from downtown Spartanburg, 45 minutes from Greenville, just under one hour from both beautiful Charlotte and Asheville. Enjoy a staycation on the patio by day and fire pit by night or visit our National Historic Battlefield, beautiful hiking trails (on SC and NC side) and great thrifting and antique shops. (I’ve added a whole running list of my favorites inside the Carolina Cottage Welcome Book!)

Sweet Caroline

This 1940’s Cottage has been respectfully renovated with no details spared. You will surely feel right at home and charmed by the nostalgia of years gone by. In the bedrooms, you’ll find brand new, comfy mattresses fitted with the best luxury linens and sheets on the market. The expanded bathroom, includes charming double console sinks so you never have to share. In the living area, we’ve stocked a game closet full of entertainment for all ages! The kitchen is fully stocked with all of your everyday essentials.

Things To Do

Start your day with breakfast at Strawberry Hill then head to downtown Chesnee for some Antique/Vintage shopping. Need a mid-day coffee pick me up? The Wandering Bean Cafe never disappoints! For an early evening snack or drink, we like Outside Influence Brewing and Bantam Chef is a landmark restaurant in the area! The Cottage has a guidebook made by yours truly for suggestions and of course, you can always send us a message for more!

On Labor Day & Memorial Day our little town of Chesnee transforms Main Street and beyond into a massive Yard Sale! The whole community turns out and it’s not only fun, but you find incredible treasures! The Labor Day Festival this year is Sept. 4 from 10am-10pm if you’re into that kind of thing. 

Whether you are looking for a peaceful retreat or somewhere new to explore, The Carolina Cottage is sure to impress. Photos can’t even begin to capture the cozy, peaceful feeling of this home. I have no doubt you will love this little slice of heaven too!

Book here or send me a message and I would be happy to answer any questions!

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  1. Brittany Chappell says:

    Romantic giveaway in February for Valentine’s Day!! 🥰🥰🥰 love this beautiful home you’ve created, so much! Y’all should be so proud of your hard work!!

  2. Jenny says:

    Love every inch of this cutie cottage! Now i have to decide if I’m going let my husband come with me or if it’s going to be a trip for me and my seester. Dreaming of a fall getaway ❤️

  3. Emily says:

    Looks amazing!! I would just love to come stay there some day!! It seems like October would be a wonderful time to come stay there!

  4. Weslee Anderson says:

    It is absolutely adorable and I’ve loved watching the process and determination you and your family poured into it. I think a January booking would be perfect so we could use the fire pit and explore antique stores.

  5. Robin Watson says:

    Hey Brittany!!
    August would be a great time for a giveaway for me. We will be celebrating our 24th Anniversary on August 7 this year. I also live in Chesnee but it would be so fun to stay in your cottage and pretend to be a visitor and do all the things that our little town has to offer. Also we love to hop over the state line and go to Forest City to eat and shop in the downtown stores. You did a beautiful job on the Carolina Cottage!

  6. Babs Brooks says:

    I’ve so much enjoyed watching you and your family labor over the transformation of this darling little cottage. My daughter and family live in Gville and my grandson is going to Wofford this fall. I’ve just come from my granddaughter’s wedding and past Chesnee going and coming from Charlotte where I’m from. I would love to stay at the Carolina Cottage someday. I know you are quite full of requests now so I’ll wait a little while.
    I love following you and hearing you share your faith boldly. Babs

  7. Tammy says:

    Beautiful! I am seeing a future trip for September when the leaves are turning and the weather is nice.

  8. JoAnn Garcia says:

    October would be a great month for a giveaway. It’s my birthday month! I’ll be 69!!

  9. Scarlet says:

    September or December would be great. My bday is September 10 but the fiancés is December 31. He hates doing anything for his bday or NYE so a quaint couples getaway would be fantastic. This is also going to be a cool date sequence for his bday, 123123!! You’re one of my Insta faves. Love the crude, sarcastic humor that other people can’t seem to enjoy. 😁

  10. Megan Wilson says:

    A weekend getaway around Thanksgiving would be so fun! Gives families a chance to be snuggled in your cute cottage together, making memories, and remembering why they are grateful to have each other to begin with 🧡 🦃 🍁 They may even find a cute Christmas tree ornament down town to serve as memory of their trip since most shops would more than likely be decorated for Christmas as well! 😊

  11. Molly Brown says:

    A getaway for any month of the year! It’s year-round perfection! I will say … I’d love to see it in-person for Christmas or New Year’s, as I assume you will make it even cozier for the holidays. 🩵🤍

  12. Brandi Hughes says:

    I love this little cottage! You’re truly done an amazing job! I’d love to come in October or February. I get time off in those months. Also, I’m off in June and July because I’m a teacher.

  13. Kayla Wheatley says:

    I would love to win a stay here! We looked in to booking the weekend after thanksgiving! Or December! Love watching all your content, definitely inspiring!

  14. Janna says:

    My God this is the cutest! You are so unbelievably talented!

  15. Marcia Jared says:

    Yes, it would be awesome if you did a giveaway! It’s so adorable and cozy looking! Anytime would be nice to stay, especially Sept/Oct☺️

  16. Ayla Whittaker says:

    A cozy Christmas at the cottage giveaway would be so cute during December! Cannot wait to see how you decorate it for all the holidays 🎄💚

  17. Charity says:

    I’m blown away by these before and after pictures!!! September would be a great month for a visit!!

  18. Kathy Morgan says:

    We’d love to visit in October (or even April) to do some antique shopping and drive to the nearby towns! It’s a beautiful cottage!

  19. Angela Angela Dixon says:

    Can’t wait to try and figure out a time to stay!!! It’s beautiful!!!

  20. Beth says:

    I love your new AirBnB. It’s adorable! Even though I live close it would be a fun getaway for my husband and I. The attention to detail is wonderful. I’ve stayed in some AirBnBs that weren’t so great so it’s nice to see yours, and at a reasonable price. Good luck!

  21. Amanda Hitchcock says:

    A long weekend in November would be a perfect giveaway for me :). I would then use that weekend as our anniversary getaway!

  22. Phyllis says:

    She cute great job on this home. Where did you get the beds from can you share the links.
    I would love to come and visit it maybe in august or September. If you have a give away.

  23. Sue Williams says:

    Everything looks amazing. Have loved watching your vision come to life . It’s so cute. I’d love a February or March getaway from my Wisconsin winter.

  24. Shawna says:

    I would love to stay in this beautiful space! October would be a great time.
    Shawna Aka @Hillbilliechik717

  25. Sharon Fournier says:

    Love what you’ve done with the Carolina Cottage! It’s adorable-you put so much into every little detail! I would love a quick get away right now!!’

  26. Tammy says:

    This whole project is absolutely amazing. I would love to come and stay. I have never been to South Carolina. I would love to see it in the fall with all the colors and also the history ugh – it would be amazing. Again I love the cottage it looks so cozy and welcoming.

  27. Lori Simun says:

    Would love to come in October for my 60th birthday!

  28. Heidi George says:

    So so love this…I want to live here! October would be a great month to visit!

  29. Lisa Winter says:

    Yes!! I would LOVE to bring my mom to your cottage. My husband travels for work and is close to Johnson City, TN right now. I looked up the cottage location from airbnb and screenshot it just last night to show my mom your location. She absolutely adores you and said your not to far from Farm Shenanigans. Her dream vacation has always been going to the Carolina’s and I know you have inspired a lot of that. October would be a great month and give her enough time to save a little money since she’s on a budget as she is retired single lady. Winning a trip here would be such an amazing gift for her. ❤️

  30. LeeAnne says:

    This is such a labor of love. It looks divine! I would love to have a getaway with my Hubs to visit your sweet little southern town.

  31. Nicole Gregory says:

    Yes!! Would love a giveaway to the Carolina Cottage! I could make ANY time work!! Haha!! Thank you!

  32. Jordan Heisler says:

    I’m in love with this little cottage!! 🤍 Y’all did an amazing job! We would love to come visit in August, October, or November. (Bonus if Mark has any availability for a private lesson – hubs has been wanting to take a course! 😉)

  33. Teri Bott says:

    Oh my goodness you have done such an amazing job! Coming to the cottage would be a dream. I teach and we get a fall break in October and a spring break in March so either would be ideal for my family and I. You and your family worked so hard on this house and it has been a joy to watch the process of it all.

  34. Libby Mayes says:

    Yah baby! Next spring…. April?

  35. Susan says:

    It’s beautiful and I would love to stay there! January would be a fun time! I hope we can one day.

  36. Susan Gray says:

    The house turned out amazing. You remodeled it so perfectly keeping all the character you could & adding back what you couldn’t save. That kitchen is perfection. I will forever think of you doing all the multiple steps by hand to save those gorgeous walls, ceilings & front door. That was beast mode level of restoration. Wishing you all the best & success in the AB&B.

  37. Margaret Diez says:

    Omg! A giveaway for a stay would be fabulous! I’d love to stay in December for my birthday!🎂

  38. Bethany Widmer says:

    I think a giveaway would be super FUN!! We live in Ohio, so it would be nice to getaway during our winter months… maybe February when we’re tired of being cold! 😉😂

  39. Tammy Shehan says:

    A giveaway would be AMAZING!!!!
    Woohoooooo!!! (in my Ric Flair voice)😂🙌🏼

  40. CJ Forward says:

    I’m thinking fall for the color change of the leaves!!! I was just telling my husband about your place!! We would love love love to come w our 8 year old son!

  41. Kellie Martin says:

    Brittany! Ugh if you did a giveaway and I WON! I’d die 🤣 I’m getting married (finally!) 6/21/24, and really considering taking a trip down from PA for my bachelorette getaway early 2024. Literally stunning. I’ve just loved watching the process!!
    You have inspired me 💕

  42. Amy says:

    The Carolina Cottage has turned out so beautifully. You, Mark, and extended family have worked so hard. I think the perfect time for a giveaway would be end of September or anytime in October. The weather would be gorgeous at that time.

  43. Amy says:

    The Carolina Cottage has turned out beautifully. You, Mark, and extended family have worked so hard. The perfect time for a giveaway would be end of September or anytime in October. The weather would be gorgeous to explore the area.

  44. Tamara Nugent says:

    A cottage giveaway would be awesome! The fall or spring would be ideal since we’re in the south. Exploring downtown would be in cooler temps.

  45. Annmarie DiRusso says:

    You guys did such a fantastic job. It came out so adorable.!!!❤️love it!… and can I just say that anytime there would be wonderful😂😂

  46. Jesse Tolbert says:

    A valentines getaway would be so sweet here! 😍🥰 obsessed with this renovation/restoration. You did a beautiful job!!! Booked a trip for November with my little family of 3 🥹 Can not wait for a few days of quality family time in this sweet little cottage. Dreaming of nights around that fire pit!

  47. Kayla Nasser says:

    So cute and cozy! December would be perfect to celebrate my husbands birthday with y’all’s beautiful weather ♥️

  48. Chasity says:

    Hi Brittany,
    Anytime in the wi yet months so that I can escape cold and snowy Vermont. Tennessee born and raised and missing the South so very much! The Carolina Cottage is adorbs! 🩵

  49. SO generous of you ❣
    Would LOVE to whatever time of year you deem !

  50. Evelyne Boulerice says:

    Ok im not sure where we’re supposed to leave our comments for the giveaway, but here it goes. I’ve been a fan if your IG account for a whole now, ive joined modere with success no knee issues. Helping all 8 of our children and almost 8 grandchildren soon too arrive, working around our retired cottage here in Central NC, we haven’t taken a vacation break since 2019, a little burnt out seeing your sweet cottage looks so relax for us and we love small towns, antiquing, quaint restaurants just a place to relax. I show my husband your account with all you do, he supports me in everything I loved to give him a place to rest away from farm animals gardening etc in the fall when things are quiet before holidays our upon us. Of course it goes without saying I’d love to meet you and your sweet family, if we can. We’re older but do what you do and it gives us hope to know another generation understands hard work gets you places. Anyway I’ve talked your ears off, ill leave saying thank you for your wonderful work on the cottage and your sweet account. God Bless y’all and have a lovely weekend

  51. Madeline says:

    I love love a December getaway for our anniversary! Would be so much fun! It is so adorable! Great job!

  52. Connie Babb says:

    I love the giveaway idea. I would pick April.

  53. patti hight says:

    any month … i’m kinda local (north augusta SC)

  54. Susan S. McNelly says:

    Three cottages that were originally built for three sisters and your family has brought one back to life! She is so sweet and homey. My two sisters and I (three sisters) do a lot of traveling together and I can envision us (The Smith Chicks) having a memorable time at the Carolina Cottage. Two of us have a birthday in December and wouldn’t this be a fun get away 🥰. Congratulations on seeing the potential this sweet home had….job well done !

  55. Jacey Draughn says:

    I’m in NC so only a couple hours away! I dream Of staying here as a girls get away!!

  56. Cyndy says:

    YES, sounds wonderful to me to come visit any month really but since we live in Wisconsin we’d love to get away during our long winter season. That would be ideal! I absolutely LOVE every nook & cranny of this adorable cottage! It’s so quaint & your attention to all the details is remarkable!⭐️

  57. Amber Williams says:

    This cottage is so precious!!! A get away for our anniversary in October, or my Birthday/Valentines day in February would be amazing!!! 💕

  58. Trish K says:

    Love how your adorable cottage turned out! We would love to come stay in April! Our 11 year old daughter has a gymnastics travel meet in South Carolina in April (2024).😊🤸‍♀️

  59. Cheryl sanders says:

    October because it’s cooler if you do a giveaway.

  60. Kristin says:

    Would love to win a little anniversary getaway in October!

  61. Casey Munn says:

    It’s absolutely beautiful!! I can’t believe what a incredible transformation you made on the Carolina Cottage. You worked your tail off from start to finish and I’m glad you brought us along for the adventure!

  62. Amanda Bamm says:

    Where is the Queen bed from that is in Bedroom one of the cottage? Love it!

  63. Laurie Spivey says:

    Where did you find the adorable refrigerator please?

  64. Gary Hopkins says:

    The cottage kitchen cabinet color is my new obsession. I haven’t found a write up about it on the blog or elsewhere. Can you please tell me what the paint source/color is? Thanks!

  65. Gary Hopkins says:

    Hi. I love the kitchen cabinet color. What kind of paint, what color is it, please? Thanks

  66. Mari van der Merwe says:

    Hi. What colour paint did you use on the cabinets in the kitchen of the cottage?

  67. Phyllis Arth says:

    Watched you transform this adorable cottage, cannot wait for our stay in June!!!