A Little Girl Room Update: Sevi’s Secret Room

January 17, 2023

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Thorn Cove Abode - Little Girl Room
Sevi’s Secret Room Door

The time has arrived for the reveal of one of the more special DIY projects I have going: A little girl room update! As the saying goes, “Babies don’t keep,” and I am feeling every word of that. Jackson’s pre-teen room is coming along (stay tuned for next week’s blog) AND we have completed Sevi’s “Secret Room.” I would have died to have a space like this as a little girl, wouldn’t you have? It’s the best being able to do special things like this for my kids!

How the Secret Little Girl Room Came About

Thorn Cove Abode - Little Girl Room
Sevi’s Little Girl Room

Our house is a new build, but I have worked so hard to make it look old (now you know why I say “historically inspired.”) When the contractors were finishing off the upstairs, they mentioned they had walled up two separate attic spaces off the kid’s bedrooms. The small spaces just felt like they were still useable. So I had them go back and cut little doors into these areas. Best. Decision. Ever. I knew the kids would love these spots as little “escapes” and I was right (#momknowsbest.)

For Christmas this year, Sevi asked for a new desk for her arts and crafts. I decided I would turn her “Secret Room” into a cute area for her to keep all of her “stuffys” and craft supplies. I feel like a desk is sort of a right of passage to “big kid” rooms, right?

Secret Little Girl Room Design

Thorn Cove Abode - Sevi's Secret Room
Sevi’s Secret Room Desk and Shelving

Prior to putting in a desk, the room had some storage items, a play kitchen and just wasn’t very cute honestly. After Sevi’s suggestion and taking some measurements, we realized shelving would be wonderful in this space. The Secret Room isn’t huge so I asked sweet Mark to build custom shelves. {In case you didn’t know, Mark isn’t a huge fan of DIY projects, probably because he has had to do a lot of them ;} The hard part is, Mark is really good at building things AND he knows a happy wife means a happy life, sooooo….juuust kidding {sort of.} Anyway, Mark made the perfect custom shelves! I am sure Sevi will use them for years to come.

Thorn Cove Abode - Little girl Secret Room
Sevi’s Secret Room Cloud Lamp

Once Mark finished building the shelves, I went in and spackled and painted everything. Did you notice the clouds on the ceiling? No, I did not paint them. I used this super cute peel and stick cloud wallpaper from Love vs Design. Then, I painted the rest of the space a shade of blue I just sort of eyeballed to match the wallpaper. I feel like I did pretty dang good (The color is Polar Ice by Benjamin Moore if you’re wondering). My goal was to make the Secret Room feel bright since it is essentially a small windowless closet. Now, Sevi can dream and create at her desk while looking up at the clouds.

To go with the cloud wallpaper, I found the cutest little LED lamp that is a cloud {it’s even fluffy!} It’s so cute, I think I want one. It has the ability to change colors and play music! Sevi is able to use just the cloud lamp by itself or keep it on with the changing color LED light strip we added as well. Isn’t that little cloud like rug a cute addition too?

Sevi’s Secret Room Revealed

True story for the desk, I didn’t measure correctly. When the desk arrived, Mark and I assembled it and went to put in the room and it was a no go. The desk just didn’t fit right so we had to get creative and make it work. Where there’s a will, there’s a way and we made it happen!

Also, why does she look like a such a big girl at her desk?! Someone tell time to stop {I shared more here about how I feel about moving into this newer stage of parenting}. Sevi had no idea that I did a lot of the work while she was home and otherwise occupied. I almost got caught a couple times, but managed to keep it a real secret until the end. She is in heaven and now we can’t get her out of there!

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  1. Pam Baggett says:

    What a cool Mom you are! Sevi and Jackson are lucky to have such good parents.

  2. Kathy Austin says:

    Absolutely Adore and love this!!!💕💕💕

  3. Nancy Baccich says:

    So creative and built with love. Will she have bright light for doing her art?

  4. Tracey M Harris says:

    I thought “wow! She looks like a preteen sitting there!” Then I got to what you wrote..😂. Growing too fast!!😊

  5. Kathy Banff says:

    What a wonderful idea! However small or big, Sevi will know all the love that was put into your special gift. Yes, children grow up to fast.

  6. Lisa N says:

    Love this so much💗 How tall is the door and we’re you able to find it that size, cut it down or build it?
    When/If she outgrows her stuffies, those shelves will be so useful in years to come. It will be interesting to see what they hold through her growing years:)

    • Brittany Smith says:

      I’m pretty sure that door is just a piece of smooth plywood. I asked them to add the trim detail to make it look more like a door. Its only about 5ft tall. I feel like it will become a fun space for closet items when she gets a bit older.

  7. Lisa N says:


  8. Robin Drewes says:

    Such a great place you created for Sevi not only is her bedroom beautiful her secret room is perfect ❤️❤️❤️

  9. Sherri Hembree says:

    I love that room when I was young I had to share everything with three sister I would have been in heaven to have a quiet place you’re such a good mom

  10. Laurie King says:

    Oh, I love Sevi’s secret room but I really love her bedroom!! Her secret room is so cute with all the clouds and the cloud lamp! What a find!
    I love your home! My family lived in an antebellum home in Mississippi for 30 years. My children grew up there! I LOVED it! So I understand the need for “old”! 😉 We are now in Texas to help with my grandson and he is 18 months old. Such fun! Life has a way of giving back those early days with your children, the “Grandchildren”! 🥰 Love following you! 😉

    • Brittany Smith says:

      As weird as it sounds, I already thing of the days when my babies will have their own babies. So special!