Five DIY Projects for the New Year

January 11, 2023

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I took a long break over Christmas to just unplug and now I cannot wait to start 2023 with these five DIY Projects! I actually deleted Instagram from my phone for almost two weeks and it was seriously the best thing. Not only was I truly present with my family, but my renewed energy and ideas for my business have me so excited for 2023! Ya’ll know me. I may not complete these projects in this exact order, but I wanted to share them with you.

Project One: Jackson’s Pre-Teen Room

Thorn Cove Abode Jackson's Bunk Bed Room - 5 DIY Projects
Jackson’s Bunk Bed Room

I cannot believe I said “pre-teen”! I can barely believe it, but here we are. I shared a little bit of the progress we’ve made in his room on Instagram stories but we still have a long way to go. For Christmas, Jackson asked for a larger bed, really something a little more age appropriate. I really hated to see that cute bunk house go (it’s so dang cute), but he was ready. He asked for a cool floating bed! We jazzed it up with LED lights underneath and a custom LED sign above it. Hopefully, I get some cool Mom points for this.

We eventually will add a new Beddys comforter set and a few more cozy items. {Beddys makes it so easy for your kids to keep up with their room and they’re super soft. Grab my link here to save on your own.} He’s lucky because his project will most likely be first of the five DIY projects I complete!

Project Two: Sevi’s Secret Room

Thorn Cove Sevi's Secret Room
Sevi’s Secret Room {Before}

Next up will be Sevi’s “Secret Room” which is just off of her bedroom. When we moved in we discovered a little attic space off of her bedroom my contractors initially had walled up. We asked them cut a little door into the space, because we knew one day Sevi would love this little area as an escape. We were so right! She’s definitely my child, in more ways than one, but especially when it comes to her need to create.

Sevi asked for a new desk for Christmas which we have purchased. I am secretly turning this room into a cute area for her to keep all of her “Stuffys” and craft supplies. It’s going to be so good and I cannot wait to surprise her! You can see her current beautiful bedroom setup here and dream about the secret space with me!

Project Three: Coffee Table

Thorn Cove Abode red Coffee Table- 5 DIY Projects
Coffee Table Progress

Do you remember how right before Christmas I had Mark cut down this old dining table to create a larger coffee table? I thought a larger coffee table would be nice to have and I love that it is round. Our living room has so many straight lines in it, it felt like something round would help soften and balance it all out. While I love the shape and size, I am stuck on the color. At first, I painted it red because it felt festive but now that Christmas is over, this red has got to go. I’m still between a few colors for it… mainly green or a pretty taupe. Help me out, what color do you suggest??

Project Four: A Coffee Bar

Thorn Cove Abode Coffee Bar Plans
Coffee Bar Dreaming

Project four of my five DIY projects for the year will be updating our coffee bar. When we first moved into this home, this little nook in our kitchen is where we kept our coffee maker. But when both of our home based businesses started to take off {yay!} we realized we needed space for office supplies that were within easy reach. So I decided to move our Nespresso coffee maker to a kitchen counter and used this nook for our printer and all of those office-y things. 

Now that we have the Cloffice and a designated space for office stuff, I can move my coffee bar back into its designated spot! SO EXCITED!

And i’m so thankful because in the few short years that it wasn’t a coffee bar, Mark has turned into some sort of coffee connoisseur. This man has a Stanley Stay-hot French Press, an Electric Kettle and Drip Coffee Maker… you never know what kind of coffee he’s going to make from day to day. I don’t have the space on my counters anymore, because of his new habit. Don’t get me wrong, I benefit from his coffee addiction, but seriously, why do we need so many of these coffee things?!

To finish it off, I’m dreaming about using leftover wallpaper and just make it a super cute coffee spot. I can’t wait to get started and share the final design with you!

Project Five: RV Full Bath

Thorn Cove Project 5 of five DIY Projecs
RV Full Bath (Before)

The last, but not least of the five DIY projects I will be finishing up is the full bath in our RV. Purchasing and renovating a brand new Motorhome has been way more fun and rewarding than I could have imagined!

Once we purchased the RV, we worked pretty quickly to customize it to our taste. Our main spaces were even featured in Country Sample Magazine. {I have a whole post on the reno and LiketoKnowIt with everything I used in case you want some ideas!} The only room left to do is the full bath which is just off the master bedroom. I’m hoping to get it mostly done before our next trip down to Beaufort! It’s been so fun to extend my “historically inspired” home vision to an RV. Stay tuned!

I feel so ready for 2023 and cannot wait to share the final projects with you!! Tell me, which one do you think I should finish first?

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  1. Jan “ourlilserenity” says:

    Looking forward to see the coffee bar…you had me are “wallpaper”. Of course I want to see all 5 DIY’s.❤️

  2. Lisa N says:

    Excited for them all and glad I just get to watch the work being done. Lol Really excited for Sevi’s secret room and the coffee bar though:)

  3. Judith Vacchiano says:

    I’d love to see Jackson and Sevi’s spaces done first just because I know how much joy it will bring them and thus you. Second I think the table because, unless you move it where you can’t see it it will annoy you every day. Then of course the coffee bar (if I wasn’t a mom myself that would come first 😉). Last but not least, and only because you are not in it every day, comes the RV bathroom. Whatever order you decide though will be what’s best for you and yours and we will enjoy it immensely!

    • Brittany Smith says:

      I think this is exactly the order things will go! The coffee situation is driving me bonkers but I’m also tired or that red table. LOL …

  4. Kristi Maultsby says:

    I’m most excited to see you do the coffee table and coffee bar! I wish I had your creativity in using a round dining table for coffee table. I searched endlessly for a round coffee table that would fit both my budget and my den. I settled for one but not completely happy with it. You are inspiring me to try new things!! Thank you!

  5. Anita says:

    All the projects will be great! I just want to know which month the RV reno was in Country Sampler! lol

  6. Leslie D Smith says:

    Do you have any instructions on how he cut down the dining room table to make the coffee table?

    • Brittany Smith says:

      We measured our current coffee table to get the overall height. Mark took the base off and kept the nuts and bolts used to attach it to the top. Then he used a jigsaw to cut straight across the base to make it shorter and reattached with the original hardware.