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Motorhome Renovation: Main Spaces

December 14, 2022

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Final Motorhome Renovation
Updated Motorhome Main Space {Photo Credit: Country Sampler Magazine}

Motorhome Update

It’s been awhile since I have given an update on the Motorhome renovation and since we are bringing it down to Beaufort this weekend, I thought this was the perfect time to share! You may have seen our home featured in Counter Sampler Farmhouse, but did you know they also did a feature piece on our RV?! I was so honored!

Renovation Before and After

Am I crazy for wanting to do a complete Motorhome Renovation on a brand new RV, maybe? We actually looked for a used model for several months because we knew we were going to renovate. After waiting and searching all over the entire country, we realized we were not going to be able to find one used that would work. We eventually settled on the Thor BH35 Super C Motorhome and we have loved every second of having it!

I wanted the RV to feel as much like our home as it possibly could. I am a true homebody, but we had a cross country road trip planned for the summer. With us planning such a long summer travel for the first time, I wanted us all to feel like we had a home on the road to retreat to and it worked!

I made a big oopsie with the initial green paint in the kitchen…. Remember that? It was so 70’s avocado green… so then I mixed that horrid color with another horrid color I had in my stash and out came this beautiful shade of green I used on the lower cabinets. That was the luckiest mix I’ve ever created! I plan to get it color matched soon so I can paint the back bathroom cabinets the same color. These are my favorite wooden knobs that I used in the RV and also in my home.

Personal Touches that are Functional

It was important that we added personal touches that were also functional. RVs don’t offer a ton of space and they are quite bouncy, storage and safety for items (like kitchen knives) was also really important. I went on a deep dive into the RVing world and found so many amazing things! Like these toothbrush holders, narrow trash can, soap holder, wall mount shoe holders and mounted hamper. Since things like our brooms and household necessities are out in the open and not able to be stowed away behind doors, I made sure to find ones that were aesthetically pleasing. I use these pegs to take advantage of vertical hanging in several spaces of the RV. They are smaller in length than standard wood pegs so they are perfect to add to the walls of the RV without sticking out too far. I enjoyed the challenge of finding functional, but cute things that felt like “us”.

You’ll notice the baskets over the light fixtures in the kitchen, which are actual baskets. I cut the bottoms out of scalloped baskets and glued them over the existing light fixtures! My Dad helped me add wood trim to the flat doors to give the illusion of a paneled door and we added a pretty porcelain door knob.

Final Touches

Motorhome Renovation - Dining Room
RV Dining Area

Of course, I wanted to add cozy and beautiful elements during the Motorhome Renovation to make it feel more like our home. I added a few items like these farmhouse pillows and roman shades. This scalloped rug is one of my favorites. We added faux shiplap to the walls to pull it all together and make it feel more like our “home away from home”. We have truly loved having our RV more than we ever imagined possible. The memories made as a family are irreplaceable.

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  1. Kate says:

    I can’t stop looking at the incredible job you did on the RV!! I’m using some of your ideas in our new RV. How have the baskets around the lights been holding up…have any fallen using the liquid nails? Thanks for all the great inspiration-I’m constantly on your blog or IG account.

    • Brittany Smith says:

      Thank you so much! I am flattered! I have not had any fall down and they have been exposed to very cold and hot temperatures.