Modere Black Friday Sale

November 16, 2023

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Modere Black Friday Sale

Take advantage of Modere’s Black Friday Sale where they offer their biggest savings of the year. Plus save an additional $10 off for new customers!

Modere’s Award Winning Products

Did you know there are more than 20 different kinds of collagens on the market? Did you also know that the majority of collagens, especially powdered collagens, do not contain collagen your body can absorb effectively?

Modere’s products are science backed, patented and multi-award winning for good reason. Their BioCell Liquid Collagen is the only supplement I’ve ever started and saw physical results literally within days. I have hundreds of real life testimonials sent to me saved to my IG highlights from all of my buddies that have tried it and loved it!

Liquid Collagen Breakdown

PURE: This collagen has no added super fruits making it keto friendly and 0 calories. I currently take PURE to save on calories and still get the collagen benefits I love.

LIFE: Life collagen has super fruits added for overall well-being and has the best flavor in my opinion (reminds me a lot of cranberry juice). I took Life for over a year before switching to Pure and to save calories. Mark actually still takes Life!

SKIN: Skin has added superfruits specific to skin health and has clinically shown to reduce wrinkles, virtually eliminate dryness and go an important step further — it helps reduce the enzyme that can make your skin age.

SPORT: This Collagen has added BCA’s that are beneficial for muscle recovery if you are involved in the gym and/or sports. I won’t lie to ya… the flavor of this is my least favorite, but it still has good stuff in it!

IMMUNE: I switch to this one during cold season and love the benefits that elderberry and zinc provide. The flavor of Immune is one of my favorites!

Collagen Recommendations

All of the collagens are interchangeable which is so nice! You really can’t go wrong.

The recommended dose is one tablespoon twice a day. As an extra benefit, I find that the Liquid Collagen is also even easier to take than powder as it doesn’t require any mixing. I keep mine right inside the fridge door and take one tablespoon before my coffee each morning and one tablespoon in the evening while preparing dinner.

I question I often receive is, “How long does one bottle last?” The BioCell Collagen bottle last two and half weeks if you are taking it the recommended amount (1 tablespoon, 2 times a day.) Some people do stretch and only take it one time a day, which would equal one bottle for the month. For the Trim line, one bottle lasts one month if taking it the recommended amount.

Modere Liquid Collagen Benefits

Personally, Modere has helped alleviate any back pain I’ve had {ya’ll have seen that Carolina Cottage and now the Trap House right?!} I’ve talked about this before, but Modere’s Liquid Collagen has kept my skin moisturized even during extreme conditions like being on Accutane. My husband Mark started taking the Liquid Collagen {he was a total skeptic at first} after he saw my results and it has drastically helped with joint pain in his knees. Modere has helped my sister’s back pain and improved my Dad’s overall health. I could go on and on about how much it benefits all of us!

If you’re new to the collagen world or even just Modere, filtering through all the options can get a little confusing. Let me help you in the simplest way I know. Liquid BioCell is an award winning, patented collagen formula that works better than any other collagen on the market. Modere offers five types of their liquid collagen {I described them above}. All their Liquid Collagen formulas have the same base, but each has a slightly different ingredient based on its focus, i.e. Immunity, Sports Recovery, etc.

Shop the Modere Sale

You can shop the entire sale here OR you can check out my favorite bundles below!

Collection #1 is an amazing price if you want to try their Trim line, plus it comes with a pretty gold spoon to ensure you are measuring the right amount. Pineapple Shortcake is their newest flavor of Trim!

If you haven’t heard of Trim yet, Modere’s Trim line is a weight loss & collagen supplement in one. They have several different flavors and I haven’t tried one yet that isn’t delicious. The Trim Packages are the only way to get the newest gold spoon if you are wanting one! You are only supposed to take Trim one time a day, so in order to get both recommend doses of collagen, I recommend a Trim & BioCell bundle.

Collection #9 is a great way to try all the different BioCell Liquid Collagens and see which is your favorite. Plus, when you bundle you save over $121!

Modere Black Friday Sale

Collection #10 includes one of my favorite flavors of their Liquid BioCell! If you are looking to stock up your pantry and save big I recommend this one. These would also make excellent gifts, plus you save over $115 with this bundle AND get a free dosage beaker!

Collection #13 is another one of my favorite products. The Immune Bundle is great for the coming cough and cold filled months! The Immune Collagen is so tasty and keeps you healthy while increasing your collagen intake.

Modere Black Friday Sale

Collection #16 is all about hair! I love this new bonding shampoo and conditioner… think Olaplex, but way better priced with no toxic ingredients!

If you are on the fence or have any questions ever, you can always message me. As I always say, I would never ever recommend something I don’t actually use and love myself!



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