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My Favorite Liquid Collagen

May 18, 2023

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Thorn Cove Abode x Modere
My Favorite Collagen

Why I Started Using Liquid Collagen

Many of you already know my favorite liquid collagen, but I can’t help share my story again. This revolutionary company has come out with even more wonderful products and continues to win awards and get rave reviews. Here’s a little more about I found Modere.

In January of 2020, I was two months into my Accutane journey with 4 months left to go. My face, nose, lips… basically everything was peeling and I was miserable. Now, if you have ever considered a more intense skin care routine you know dryness can occur, but this was next level. I couldn’t wear makeup because my face was literally flaking off.

I was complaining to my friend about how uncomfortable and insecure I was feeling about my skin. I mean, after all, I thought I was doing something that would make everything better! She told me about a liquid collagen she liked, but she didn’t know was that I had sworn off ever considering collagen again.

Powder v Liquid Collagen

We’ve all heard about collagen in the past few years. Certain foods, such as animal skin and ligaments, are rich in collagen… so unless you’re eating fish skin for dinner you’re likely very low on collagen. Did you know our collagen production begins to drop off in our 20’s and it decreases with each passing year? Collagen impacts our bone health, nails, hair, skin (signs of aging), hydration and even heart health. Thats why it’s so important to supplement it back into the body.

I had previously tried one of the most popular powdered collagen supplements on the market. {A quick google search will bring said collagen to the very top of your search.} Celebrities promote it… it’s literally everywhere. I thought to myself, this must really be something that works. So I ordered it. It made me physically sick as a dog.

I was in bed and couldn’t eat for three days. I was racking my brain trying to figure out what I had and what could have done this. I realized the only thing I had changed was taking powdered collagen mixed into my coffee each morning. 😵‍💫 As soon as I stopped, I was better!

My Favorite Liquid Collagen

My friend gave me the reasons why she was using her favorite liquid collagen and offered to send me some to try. {At time I thought, there was no way I was going to pay for more collagen in my life.} Within THREE DAYS my dry, scaly skin was back to normal. I WAS SHOCKED. If you know anything about Accutane, that does not happen until that medicine is out of your system!

The liquid collagen literally SAVED me during my Accutane journey. But it doesn’t stop there. About six months prior to starting the liquid collagen, I strained my back while staining our dock. I go to the chiropractor often, but still had a lingering pain in my back/hip area. Within two weeks of taking the collagen the pain had gone away also! {Click here to learn more about my story.}

The liquid collagen is super convenient because it stays in the refrigerator. No powders to mix up or mess up. I take a little spoonful when I go for my morning coffee and dinner in the evening (two tablespoons a day are recommended).

I noticed a huge difference within three days of starting the collagen. I have heard if you are a little older, it can three to four months to see benefits, but it is worth it!

My favorite liquid collagen.
Two tablespoons a day! When I’m not feeling fancy, I’ll just swig out of the bottle.

The Benefits of Liquid Collagen Go beyond Skin

I started telling people about my results as I truly couldn’t believe it. My sweet husband, Mark started taking it just to appease me and not thinking anything would actually happen. But then his knee pain went away! He had issues with his knees for years from being in the construction business since he was 14 years old.

Why Modere and What is BioCell?

I get asked about this a lot- there are five kinds of Modere Liquid Biocell. Bioavailability is the number one most important component to any supplement someone takes. It doesn’t matter much you are consuming of a product if you body doesn’t absorb and actually utilize it.

Modere’s product is a Nutraceutical, not a PharmaceuticalThat means it works with your body to deliver nutrition and healing. The longer you use it, the better your results. In the first 28 days Biocell will deliver 6,000% Hylauronic Acid to your body. Whew!

Each kind of Modere Liquid BioCell has the same amount of the exclusive formula for eyes, hair, nails, gums, joints and skin. You get the same core benefits no matter which BioCell you choose (you will see similar ingredients in the descriptions below). The difference between the five products is the delivery system and supporting ingredients.

modere biocell breakdown
BioCell Breakdown

Here I am more than two years later and I still take it every day. Every time I share my journey people flood my DMs with similar stories. The testimonials are truly unreal!

If you ever wanted to try my favorite liquid collagen by Modere, now is the perfect time! Check out the links below to grab yours. As always, send me ANY questions. I wouldn’t share this with you if I wasn’t taking it and loving it myself.


For three days only qualifying collections are 15% off + free shipping! Usually only VIP subscribers get this discount, but for these three days ANYONE can get the discount and free shipping. Each of the Modere liquid collagens have the same award winning, patented matrix formula collagen with a slightly different variation which I have noted below.

Liquid BioCell Life

I take two tablespoons of Liquid BioCell Life everyday! It really is my favorite liquid collagen and the most popular product at Modere (because it works) {AND best tasting}!

Liquid BioCell® Life is an award-winning, multi-patented Collagen/HA Matrix® Technology is clinically shown to improve joint mobility, reduce discomfort, and promote healthy cartilage and connective tissue. Modere Liquid Biocell contains the original mixure PLUS 13 Fruits and Resveratrol. This means it brings you cardiovascular benefits, and decreased inflammation.

favorite liquid collagen
Modere BioCell Life

Liquid BioCell Pure

Liquid BioCell® Pure is the new generation of collagen. Pure is the raw, basic BioCell product with no additional fruits and base mixtures. It also has the least amount of natural sugars. Liquid BioCell reduces wrinkles from the inside out and even goes an important step further — it helps reduce the enzyme that can make your skin age.

favorite liquid collagen
Liquid BioCell Pure

Liquid BioCell Skin

Liquid BioCell Skin provides the proven benefits of the multi-patented Liquid BioCell + 18 phytonutrient-rich superfoods and ceramides. It increases skin’s collagen content and restores glowing, youthful skin from the inside out. Plus, Liquid BioCell improves joints and muscle tone and even promotes healthy hair, nails, gums and eyes! Amazing!

Liquid BioCell Skin

Liquid BioCell Immune

Liquid BioCell® Immune is the supernutraceutical that supports healthy aging and enhanced immune response in one groundbreaking formula. Multi-patented Collagen/HA Matrix® Technology improves joint mobility and lubrication, reduces joint discomfort, and promotes healthy cartilage and connective tissue, while also reducing wrinkles.

They’ve also added TriPlex Immune Complex™ with elderberry, zinc and 13 phytonutrient-rich superfoods to bolster your immune system and support respiratory and cardiovascular health. I love having this one on hand for those sickly winter months!

favorite liquid collagen
BioCell Immune

Trim Chocolate + Liquid BioCell Life 

Liquid BioCell Life and the fat-shrinking power of Trim.* My favorite BioCell Life combined with the Trim is a great deal! Trim works by providing CLA to boost fat loss and Collagen/HA Matrix® Technology to restore youthful skin and improve muscle tone. If you get this package, they recommend you take it in the morning and then BioCell Life (my fave) in the evening.

BioCell Life & Trim

Modere Inside Out Collagen System – Life

A skin care regimen from Modere!  I use and love these facial products. I’m honestly not a huge skincare regime kind of gal. I like to keep it simple and this system helps me do that effectively. I just use three collagen infused productsCellProof Double Cleanser, Serum, Moisturizer and Infusion Mask plus award-winning Liquid BioCell – to give you noticeably more radiant skin.

A collection of exclusive CellProof topical formulas delivers potent, award-winning ingredients to visibly enhance your appearance, while Liquid BioCell nourishes your skin from the inside, promoting hydration, firmness and elasticity. The products really work to revitalize your skin! Please note, this product is not ‘certified’ Gluten Free as all the other formulas are. 

Inside-Out Collagen System

Offer valid May 18th at 7 AM MT through May 20th at 11:59 PM MT or while supplies last. A qualifying collection with Liquid BioCell must be added to your subscription order, and processed between May 18 and May 20 at 11:59 PM MT, to receive the 15% savings and free shipping. Includes new and existing subscriptions. Excludes Social Marketers enrollment collections.



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