I was blind, but now I see: Blinds in the Nook

June 6, 2022

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For a long time, I resisted adding blinds to my breakfast nook windows for fear of taking away from the view outside. Problem is, the sun comes up right in those windows and hits us all in the eyes every single morning. I found myself scooting my lamps around on the end tables and crouching down behind them to avoid the blaring rays. Another problem I was having was the outer windows are so narrow that I could not find blinds that would fit inside mount. Until one day, my online shopping problem brought me to a possible solution.

I will just make my own blinds.

Errr. I mean, I’ll tell Dad my bright idea and hope he’ll help me. So, I ran across some wood bamboo blinds and I had the bright idea that I could potentially cut them to size. It’s wood. How hard can that be? (Says the girl who wont be doing the cutting.) And they were so inexpensive that if it didn’t work, not much would be lost.

Wooden Blinds
View of the finished wooden blinds.

The DIY Blinds Worked!

My Dad said he rolled the blinds up tightly and used painters tape to hold them in place. Then he used a band saw and a fine cutting saw blade. And in his words “this was a pain in the yang-yang.” BUT IT WORKED. Then, we ordered 3 more for him to cut. { My poor Dad.} Thankfully, the larger windows didn’t require any cutting. You can find those blinds here.

Wooden Blinds
DIY Blinds and Banquet complete this nook.
Wooden Blinds
Don’t you love those sailboats?

If you missed my blog post on how we made these benches very quickly & affordably, you can find that here. A lot of my pillows were found at Marshalls, but I did find these & these online. Most of my sailboats I made or found at thrift stores. I love how they look up on the window ledge overlooking the lake.

Wooden Blinds
Sailboats over the lake.

This is exactly what this nook needed.

The blinds do not interfere with the view at all. They allow for sun blockage in the mornings and are absolutely perfect. So, much warmth and visual interest. Why did I wait to do this? These were super easy to install and literally took me 20 minutes to hang all by myself. I would say these wouldn’t be the best for total privacy if that’s what you are looking for. You can make out shadows behind them when closed, but we aren’t too worried about that. The breakfast nook has always been a favorite room of mine, but I am just loving the new changes. The only thing left to do is find a seat cushion for the benches. So cozy!

Finished nook

Other sources to note:



Similar pendant light (mine is an antique find)

Fruit bowl



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  1. Candy says:

    Awesome! Such a cute and cozy corner.

  2. Sharon C Dodson says:

    There beautiful, I love them, I have them upstairs at my house for the same reason, I don’t have enough room for blinds… But, they work very well with keeping the sun out, and they were very reasonable priced too, I got mine at Home Depot… I love your house it’s beautiful.

  3. V.S. says:

    It looks so good and I love the title!

  4. Jennifer says:

    Love the new blinds! And love the blog title too 👏

  5. Michelle says:

    Love these and the title! Good job Jackson.

  6. Looks great. I have bamboo shades in 3 rooms. I bought room darkening cordless blinds for our bedroom. They work great. I have draperies on each side in all rooms. Had the blinds for years. Bet you will too!

  7. Lauren Elayne says:

    I love what the blinds did for the space. Really warmed it up and amped the cozy factor. Great title Jackson! He’s so clever.

  8. Lisa Austin says:

    They are perfect for this space! Nothing worse than getting blinded while trying to enjoy a meal! I’ve been to restaurants that I’ve had to put on my sunglasses while eating inside for that very reason 😂

  9. Diane says:

    How did you hang them? What materials did you need to hang the blinds? They look great!

    • Brittany Smith says:

      It comes with screw in hooks (everything you need to hang them), but I chose to use a screw to hold the hangers. Just quicker and easier for me.