Homemade Coffee Creamer

May 4, 2023

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homemade coffee creamer
Ingredients for Homemade Coffee Creamer

Just Call Me Betty Crocker

From Homemade Bread to Homemade Coffee Creamer – ya’ll should be impressed! 😉 Seriously, both of these things are insanely easy to make. You will be a regular Betty Crocker with me in no time.

Many of you have actually found Thorn Cove Abode because of my homemade bread recipe. I’m asked for my recipe and bread machine all.the.time. One of the reasons I started making my own bread (besides boredom during covid quarantine times) was all of the junk I discovered in our store brought bread ingredient list. Run to your pantry now, read the list and then toss it all! Just kidding, but honestly, why do they put all the junk in there? It’s so much easier to make many of your own pantry staples you will be amazed. Ok, but back to the Homemade Coffee Creamer!

Coffee King and Queen

We love our coffee at my house! In case you missed my post earlier this year all about creating our own hidden coffee bar, here’s the link. Mark has about five different ways he likes to make coffee, but I stick with my Nespresso. I love it so much, I even bring it in the RV with us!

Mark is ok drinking his coffee black, but I need a little something. A girl has got to live a little! I have been using the same coffee creamer for years until recently they changed things up on me. One morning I was just sipping on my coffee in my favorite mug and I started reading the label on my creamer. OH MY GOODNESS! They went and added all sorts of unnecessary things to it, in my opinion.

homemade coffee creamer
Simple Homemade Coffee Creamer

Homemade Coffee Creamer Recipe

Now this could change as I continue to experiment with different sweetener options, but for now, I am enjoying this creamer recipe. It’s seriously so easy!

Ok so before I share my recipe, I have to tell you a lesson learned. BUY A SHAKER CUP! I attempted to create my own using a “homemade funnel” and olive oil bottle. Um, do not try that at home people! If you want to see how that one turned out AND watch how I make the creamer, check out my IG Reel.

So, my pro tip is to buy this wide mouth jar for mixing it well and storing in the fridge. Also makes it easier to pour. On to the recipe!

Homemade Coffee Creamer

  • 1 3/4 cups Half and Half, or equal parts Milk and Heavy Cream
  • 14 oz Sweetened Condensed Milk (add to taste)
  • 1 Tbsp Real Vanilla Extract
  • Pour it all in a jar together and shake!

That’s it! I could barely believe how easy it was myself. {Side note, the homemade creamer will last as long as your milk expiration so I would be sure to note that on your jar.}

homemade coffee creamer
The best shaker cup.

Homemade Coffee Creamer Forever

Ok, so maybe one day I will buy store bought again if they take all those oils out. But for now, I am really enjoying my homemade creamer. Quite a few of you have suggested maple syrup or honey as a sweetener so I will be sure to report back as I experiment.

Let me know in the comments if you have ever made your own creamer! I would love to know your best tips.

School Drop Off with my Fave Mug
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  1. Holly Waller says:

    I love this! I made this the first time you showed it. I will never be buying creamer again. I found if you use a hand held frothier it mixes completely and doesn’t separate.
    Thanks for sharing everyday!

  2. Becky says:

    You have seriously changed our world, lol. I now make this thanks to your IG and my adult children and spouses rave about it. We’ll never go back 😉 Thank you gf

  3. Linda Andersen says:

    Will you share where the hidden object is? I never can find it!!!!