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October 5, 2023

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Thorn Cove Abode Monster House

Halloween House Inspiration

My Halloween Monster House is a GIANT hit in my family! {ha} For the last several years, I have been turning our house into a “boarded up halloween house.” While I still love the look and how simple the DIY is for Halloween, I was ready to change it up. 

Can I be really honest? When I saw retail stores start selling the false boards for halloween, that made me feel like I needed to go a different route. I didn’t want to be mainstream and too “amazon” so back to the drawing board I went. Our entire family likes the movie, Monster House, so when I decided to try this idea the kids were super excited to have a monster house of their very own. I tease them that you never know when it might gobble you up.

How I Created Our Monster House

By the way, this entire project cost me right around $100 dollars {I thought that was a pretty great price for the final result!}

Alright, here’s how I created our very own Halloween Monster House!

I grabbed four polywall utility panels from Lowes. It was the most inexpensive option that was still waterproof and easy to work with. One panel was used to create the giant eyeball and the other three pieces for the teeth. I cut them in half to get two rows of teeth from one panel and that would cover the porch.

Monster Face

To create the eye, I used as much of the 4×8 panel as I could to get the biggest eye cutout possible. I traced a couple of circles as a guide using a DIY drawing compass with string and a pencil. Then I just used leftover latex paint I had stashed in the barn to paint it. Because I wasn’t sure how this paint would hold up on the panels I went ahead and spray painted a clear coat over the top for extra coverage. {See how Sevi and I painted the eyeball here.} The clear coat will also help them not fade as quickly in the direct sun the front of my house receives. 

Sevi and I painting the Monster Eye together!

For the teeth, I knew I wanted fangs right over the front entrance to frame that area {and add a little more fun to our coming and going.} So I drew the fangs first and then traced out some smaller teeth. Even though I was drawing the teeth freely, I did want to make the whole row look cohesive. So after tracing out and cutting the first panel of teeth, I laid it out on the other panels to serve as my template and traced them (with the exception of the long fangs.) I only wanted those long fangs on the front, center row of teeth.

Todd’s Monster House Additions

After I had the teeth cut out, I decided adding black for the gums would help them stand out against my white house {and look a little more intentionally like teeth.} I painted and also spray painted those pieces with a clear coat to prevent fading or running of paint in the weather.

Can you see Todd’s little paw prints on the paint??

If you look close enough, you can probably still see Todd’s footprints where he walked through the paint and literally transferred paw prints everywhere {that dang cat.} I have black cat prints on the whites of the teeth and on my porch! Luckily, I was able to get his little prints off my porch, but the teeth still have some faded prints where it would’t come out completely. It sort of looks like our Monster House needs to brush it’s teeth. 😜

After I cut and painted, I just stapled the teeth to the house using about five staples per panel!

Eye See You

For the Monster’s Eye, I should have purchased a thicker foam board that wouldn’t flop around in the breeze, but here we are. The utility panels worked perfectly for the teeth, but not as great for the eye. The eye is only attached in two places, the top and bottom. So it felt like the left and right sides were not as secure.

The back of the Monster Eye is secured similar to a kite.

I was pretty certain, and sort of afraid, the corners of the eye would eventually curl inwards due to weather and just overall weight. My work around was to brace the back of eye with thin scraps of wood in “t” shape, sort of like a kite. In hindsight, a thicker piece of panel or foam board would have eliminated this bracing step.

I attached the eye to the house with an eye hook around a screw which is located in the top of my window trim all year long. I use those same screws to hang my Christmas wreaths each year so they are always there. No one can see them, so I just leave it all year.

Additionally, I have the eye secured with rope from the center of the “t” on the backside. I tied it off around the center, pulled it into my windows and then shut the window on top of the rope. This is the exact way I secured my boarded up window frames. Hasn’t failed me {yet}.

Monster House Close Up

Monster House, but Even Better!

I have always wanted lighting on our house, but have never had it! Pretty outdoor lighting is so magical and adds so much ambiance. Every home we’ve lived in has had a pretty scary, steep pitched roof. So, lighting has just never been an option for us. While in the process of creating our Monster House, the most amazing thing happened!

Permanent Lighting with Gemstone Lights and Tri State Lighting

For the past two years I have researched companies that will install and uninstall Christmas Lights on your home. The price was just too much to justify so I had almost given up. I had heard of permanent lighting while doing said research and I came across Gemstone Lights, a permanent smart exterior lighting company. I called and got a quote and guess what?? It wasn’t much more than having just Christmas lights installed and uninstalled. So, for not much more money, I could have lighting all year round with way cooler features and options!

Permanent Lighting installed by Tri State Lighting

Gemstone Lights can be installed on any home, are completely customizable and are rated to last around 23 years! What?! No one from my family has to get on a ladder each holiday (you’re welcome Mark!) In SC, our Authorized Dealer and Installer is Tri State Lighting and they had an opening before Halloween! I was STOKED!!

Tri State Lighting

I cannot say enough good things about Tri State! They truly went above and beyond. The install was seamless and you can’t even see the little puck lights unless you know what you’re looking for. Tri State even went as far as to color match paint to cover the wiring!

Since the Gemstone Lights are “smart”, you have complete control over multiple color options, timers and even setting which lights you want on and off at certain times. Everything is controlled by a free app which includes pre-loaded folders with customizable settings for all holidays. Who knew right?!

Best Halloween Ever

I really love how the Monster House turned out! It was also so fun to do with the kids. I’m so happy with the permanent lighting and amazed that I have it on my house. I’m so excited just thinking about Christmas now too!!

Tell me in the comments what you think of this year’s Halloween Monster House! Did you know all of this about permanent lighting??


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  1. Kristy Lee says:

    The house looks amazing. The lights made it perfect. Having permanent lights on the house is the best thing since sliced bread. I love it!!!

  2. Krista Delyi says:

    That looks awesome. The lighting really ups the game!!

  3. Brittney Prentice says:

    You are so creative and fun! I’m never board watching your stories! Thanks for being a fun light to all those watching you!

  4. Cassie Tepsic says:

    The permanent house lights!!!! Genius!!! To get my husband to help is sometimes a chore, hoping I get a HELL YEAH since he won’t have to do the work!!! 🤣❤️💡

  5. Whitney Ricker says:

    I love this so much! Halloween is my favorite and I always look forward to see what you are doing from year to year. Also love the lighting. I just put up some Govee lights but wish I would have known there’s companies that do this! Never even thought of that. Can’t wait to see it at Christmas too!

  6. Robyn Higgins says:

    I love how you make things so special for your kiddos. And you too, of course. 😉

  7. sue anthony says:

    I love it! You are amazing and you have two VERY lucky kiddos! Enjoy!

  8. Nancy Wilson says:

    Brittany the monster house turned out stinking cute!! The lighting is going to be so much fun for all events and holidays! You should do a mini monster cottage on the Carolina Cottage!! How cute would that be!!

  9. Gordana Brown says:

    I love all the details put into the monster house! It’s very different but looks so amazing and spooky during this Halloween season 🙂 The lights are amazing and a very smart move as they’ll save so much time in the future 🧡 I love reading your blogs and watching your DIY’s on Instagram! So inspiring.

  10. Lesley says:

    Do y’all host a Halloween party?? Kids would LOVE this!! So fun!! Your kids are going to have the BEST childhood memories of all the ways you go all out!!

  11. Katie M says:

    It is adorable and spooky! I love it so much. I bet your kids do too. They’ll have such fun memories when they’re all grown ❤️

  12. Holly Tuinstra says:

    Such a cute DIY and I would LOVE to get the gemstone lights! Such a cool thing and I would love to light up my house for all the holidays-especially Christmas! Maybe someday for me!

    Enjoy your fun creation and I just love following you on IG-such a joy and so creative!

  13. Molly Carmack says:

    I love how inexpensive this is! It’s such a creative idea to decorate for Halloween! I’ve really enjoyed following you on instagram and seeing your style of decorating!

  14. Umme says:

    Heyy heyy, thank you for breaking down the whole process for us! Love the entire freaking idea, so dang awesome! Love your creativity that you execute so nicely too! The lights bring the whole vibe to the next level too!
    And the teacup night light idea is so dang cute as well, love it! 😍😍😍

  15. Tori Justice says:

    Now I want permanent lights! Looks amazing!!

  16. Megan Wilson says:

    We just watched the movie “Monster House” for the first time ever last weekend after you mentioned it!! We absolutely loved it as well! My family and I can not wait to try this project out on our own home next year 👻🎃💜! You are so talented! Thanks for sharing all your tips and tricks to complete this look 🏡

  17. Michelle Gosnell says:

    The projects you do are so fun to watch! I LOVE the lights!

  18. Nicole says:

    I love it! The monster house looks great. I had no idea I wanted that kind of lighting installed on my house… But here we are. 🤪

  19. Brandy says:

    Love it! So creative! Your kids will remember this forever! My biggest memory from childhood, walking down the road coming home from school to see my mom in our front window putting up holiday decor. My sister and I grew up with just our mom, so not a lot of money but holidays were so magical just from her decorating that front window from mostly things she made. She passed away 6 months ago. Love these memories I have of her decorating that window.

  20. Megan Stewart says:

    This is such a fun switch up for Halloween! Did you sketch this out before you started or just had all the details in mind? I love that your dad and Sevi helped you with it!

  21. Sharon Cronin says:

    Your house looks awesome! The lighting is so perfect and really sets off your monster house. You’re so creative and I look forward to seeing what you’re up to!!!

  22. Angela York says:

    The house is really cool. I LOVE the permanent lighting.

  23. Michelle Bedgood says:

    It looks great! You are so creative. I wish I had the energy to do all the decorating. 🤣

  24. Heather Bland says:

    The “Monster House” is incredible! Such a creative idea that will giver your kids core memories for the rest of their lives and inspire them to carry on your Halloween traditions!💓

  25. Alicia Sharp says:

    I love the lights! Can’t wait to see what else you do with them. You really put a lot of work into your home. Love following along with you.

  26. Jennifer says:

    It looks great! I need lights like that on my house. Also your dad is the best!!!

  27. Danielle Barnes says:

    Your creativity and skills always amaze me! I get so inspired by your design and style all year round. The monster house turned out incredible and I loved that your dad was there to help along the way. It reminded me so much of how my dad was and definitely makes me miss him that much more! Those are moments to cherish! I also love Todd’s added touch to the decor…cats are such a trip!😂 I had no idea that the gem lights will last 23 yrs…that’s incredible! I want to do them so bad but not sure I can convince my other half to invest. Thank you for sharing the details of how you created the monster house look with us!!

  28. Kelsey Scott says:

    You nailed this! I love the permanent lights.

  29. Alicia O says:

    I love the monster house! I have always wanted the permanent lights installed at my home. Definitely gonna look into this more seriously as I have never thought about using them for multiple seasons! Thanks!

  30. Mel Parker says:

    So so fun!!! I wish I had a smidge of that creativeness haha! Not to rush the seasons, but I can’t wait to see it all lit up for Christmas 😍

  31. Shawna says:

    It’s fantastic and those lights! Love it.

  32. Very creative! You’re so fortunate to still have your Dad. 🩵 I really enjoy your new old house and the others that you’ve renovated. So many great ideas! I am anxiously awaiting seeing the one you are buying next to your Dad.

  33. Sada says:

    I love the eye. The lighting for year round usage is brilliant. Summer nights with twinkly lights, Holidays with different colors. I like it!

  34. Tammy Bobo says:

    I remember when I had enough energy to do that much! Love your continuous creativity. Those lights are fantastic. I had never heard of those before.

  35. Stephanie Clark says:

    I love the permanent lights! That’s such a great idea! The Monster House is cute without being too scary! Love it! 🥰

  36. Becky Prescott says:

    YOU ARE THE QUEEN OF HALLOWEEN!!!!! 🎃🎃🎃🎃🎃🧡🧡🧡🧡🧡🧡 🫶🏼🫶🏼The house looks amazing 👻👻👻and I look forward to seeing what you come up with every season 🧡🧡❤️❤️

  37. Libby Mayes says:

    You did an amazing job! Even though I’m not a Halloween person, I think it’s a very cute idea! You always pull off your projects and it’s fun to watch! The lighting takes it over the top! Congratulations! Hope to meet you next spring…. Planning to stay in the Carolina Cottage!

  38. Jenna Chandler says:

    This is so fun! Love how it all comes together. You are so great at having an idea and pulling it together so well. Such fun for everyone especially your kids!

  39. Jessica Dockery says:

    The lights are definitely a game changer. I’m in NC and going to look into these. We go all out for Christmas inside but the outside always seems like so much work but with those light I think it could be fun too.

  40. Becky Prescott says:

    YOU ARE THE QUEEN OF HALLOWEEN!!!!! 🎃🎃🎃🎃🎃🧡🧡🧡🧡🧡🧡 🫶🏼🫶🏼The house looks amazing 👻👻👻 AND the lighting!!!!😱😱 soooo magical! I look forward to seeing what you come up with every season 🧡🧡❤️❤️

  41. Linda says:

    You did such a great job! Do you get many Trick or Treaters that could also enjoy your house? So much fun!

  42. Crystal Embry says:

    Love love love your monster house! You’re so creative. I knew you’d do it right when you said that was what you were doing. You nailed those teeth. The lights are awesome. Can’t wait to see how you use them in the future!

  43. Shayla Disinger says:

    Turned out SO GOOD! I wish I had just an ounce of your creativity!!

  44. Cathy Daniel says:

    The Halloween House looks so Good! I LOVE the permanent lighting. That will be so nice for the Christmas/Winter season. I hope you get some snow for a nice “blue” lit winter scene.

    Love following all of your antics.
    We Frens!

  45. Barb Moyer says:

    This is Absolutely FANGtastic! Love it all…I wish we had places who installed that lighting here where I live!

  46. Kellie says:

    So cool!!! I know Sevi is obsessed 🤣

  47. Desiree Whittaker says:

    Ingenious idea on the monster house. You have the perfect focal peak for the eye.
    I didn’t know of permanent lighting either, so cool. My husband would love to not crawl up on to get ours up every year at Christmas. We like on a street dubbed “Candy Cane Lane” at Christmas time, tours come around on it and most people decorate it up good so we have to.

  48. Della says:

    Absolutely love this monster house!! Such a fun idea. Also love the willingness of your Dad and your shenanigans 😜

  49. Cindy Williams says:

    Love love love this!!!

  50. Jana Howard says:

    You are so creative and I love how your dad is always involved.

  51. Peggy says:

    I love it!! You are so creative and talented!!

  52. Melinda McHugh says:

    This is soooo fun and I’m sure your children are excited about their monster house!!! Great job!! I’m sure all the decorating magazines will be calling!❣️

  53. Anna Padgett says:

    It’s wonderful!! Your kids will carry these memories of how you made their home beautiful and festive! My mom did and it warms my heart to watch y’all!♥️♥️

  54. Nicole says:

    After watching your stories, I googled to see if there was a dealer where I live that installs permanent lighting and sadly there is no one right now. I would absolutely love them someday. You have the best ideas! Love your design and creativity! Your Monster House is EPIC!! 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

  55. Suzanne says:

    Super cute! I like that it’s simple decorations and not too much stuff. The new permanent lighting is so nice! So happy you finally got what you wanted.

  56. Devan Whitten says:

    This house is perfect! Todd looks proud in the front porch of his monster house too!

    Thanks for sharing the information about permanent lighting. I know a couple of people in TN that have it but hadn’t gotten the chance to see the lights being off to see if they are noticeable. I love how it all turned out!

  57. Ashley McCain says:

    Your kids will never forget how you always go all out! It looks great!! 🎃👻💀

  58. Michele Graves says:

    Gosh, just when I think nothing could be added to make your house any cuter or better…BAM! Love it and your sweet family…I’m inspired by your daily posts and Mark is always good for a laugh😉😂♥️

  59. D.J. says:

    Really wish you would come and decorate my home. New old house style. Your imagination is amazing!

  60. Paige H says:

    You always have the best and most creative Halloween decorations!! Well done!

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    I love, love, love your family’s monster house. I bet your kiddos think you are the coolest mom ever! I had no ideas the lights were a “thing” but here I am loving them too! Martha

  62. Jo Brown says:

    Wow!! Once again you drew me in with your shenanigans:) So fun to watch and will be fir your kiddos. Thanks for always showing up with your creativity❤️❤️❤️

  63. Shelly Cosgrove says:

    Absolutely love it!! So does my husband. You are so talented 🎃 love you dancing in your pumpkin head. Happy Halloween!

  64. Wendy Boothe says:

    Girl! I have never even heard of permanent lighting until you posted about it! I love it! The boarded up windows are also another favorite. Keep it coming; I’m learning so much!

  65. Julie says:

    It’s so fun! My kids would love it! They have been asking to make our house “spooky.”

  66. Anita Hill says:

    that’s the best Halloween house I’ve ever seen. so creative! you did a great job!

  67. Margaret Diez says:

    Every year, you outdo yourself when it comes to Halloween! This came out great and it was so beautiful to see you and your dad working on this together.

  68. Michelle P says:

    Gosh! It’s so darn stinkin cute!!! You guys did such a great job! And the lights, they definitely pull it all together! I’ve heard of the permanent lights but have never really looked into them, but your house has me thinking 🤔 GREAT JOB!

  69. Billie Brainard says:

    I love all of your Halloween ideas. This Monster House is a good one! And in my opinion, if the kids are into it, then enough said… just do it! It’s pretty cool. I love spooky season too!
    I recently started seeing/hearing people talk of permanent lighting. What a great idea, right?!

  70. Jeanne says:

    Everything looks amazing! I love that your dad helps with your projects…even though he says he thinks you’re crazy, I get the feeling that he loves it ❤️

  71. Denise Hull says:

    Out of all the Halloween home decorations I have seen on Instagram, yours is simply the best!!!!! Not only does it appear that you enjoy decorating, it’s always top notch!!! I’m sure your children can’t wait for Halloween and see what each year holds!!!
    Happy Halloween to you and your family!!!🦇🎃

  72. Monica Hooper says:

    I love your monster house! Your stories/posts are a highlight in my day!

  73. Christian Scott-Richards says:

    The reveal we’ve all been waiting for! Love it!

  74. Dolly Mace/Dreams of a Primitive Life says:

    It turned out so good! I am glad you decided to still use your boards for the windows though. But the lights make this monster really “light up”. But, no kidding having the kids help makes it so worth it in the end.

  75. Teresa says:

    Absolutely love your monster house!!🧡🖤 You’re just so dang creative and I love your sense of humor, seeing your adorable family and of course Todd too!

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    I love your creativity! I wish I had a bit of it to be honest! I really like the idea of the permanent lighting; they will look great at Christmas time! I can’t wait to see what you come up with next!

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    You & my sister could be BBFs when it comes to creativity & Halloween! I love the boarded window effect.

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    So cool! I wonder if your kids know how lucky they are to have such fun parents?!

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    I LOVE the monster house! I love how you go above and beyond for your kiddos! They’re so precious and only little for a little while 🙂 The lights are just freakin awesome!!! I had no idea of such lights! Mind blown!

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    You’re creating great memories for your kiddos!

  81. Just absolutely amazing!

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    This is absolutely ADORABLE! And it just fits your family perfectly. I just KNOW that Sevi is in love🖤. I know you said a shop was gonna be too much for you, and that bummed me out. I soooo want a teacup lite. Keep doing what you’re doing Mama. I love you and your family! 🖤💜

  83. “GIT-IN MY BELLY!”
    DIB’S on the tea light!

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    Sooo cute and creative! You have a great imagination and the ability to make it happen 💪🏻 well done!

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    I love it! You are so creative!

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    Love how the “Monster House” looks and the lighting really takes it to the next level.

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    Your ideas are always amazing! It turned out great! I love the ability to change the color of the lights so seamlessly! No storage or changing them out for holidays!

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    I look forward daily to see just where your brain is going. Love your creative and funny sides ♥️

  90. I love how this turned out. Wish we could do something like this, not to this scale (lol) but something- unfortunately where we live only the deer would enjoy. Your creativity always amazes me, especially the tea cup idea. How’d you ever come up with that??

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    Love the Monster House!!! Your creativity shines for sure. I love following along to see what new things you will do. Definitely can’t wait to see what you come up with for Christmas.

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    Had no clue about the permanent lights ! I’m gonna call, I see they’re also in NC ! Great job Briitany on the Monster House !

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  101. Laura Arthur says:

    Omg I love the colored lights! Lighting is everything 🩷
    You are so talented and I love watching your mind at work. You always surprise me!
    Your life is blessed.

    Laura aka cupcake 🧁

  102. Karen Katchuk says:

    I love, love, love the new lighting! You are going to enjoy this so much, for years to come! I can’t wait to see what comes next! ( perhaps a Grinch house at Christmas and leave the teeth? )
    Whatever it will be will be so fun! 🥰

  103. Glenda Hatt says:

    Permanent lighting for the win, love it!

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    I love the house! I first found your account last year after seeing your last Halloween house in Better Homes & Gardens. I love how you’ve changed things up this year.

  105. Emily says:

    Compared to my pathetic pumpkins on the porch and a Halloween wreath my kids were so deprived back in the day. 🤣🤣

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    Love this!! It looks amazing!!!

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    Your Halloween house does not disappoint but I gotta tell you that I love your Daddy more! You are a lucky girl!

  114. Lisa N says:

    Most of all I love that you get excited to do this with/for your kids and that your daddy is so willing to work with you no matter the project🕷️🕸️🎃👻👁️
    My favorite is still your mantel but I love to get to see the process of everything you do! I’ve learned so much!

  115. Meaghan says:

    I absolutely adore this house! Your monster house reminds me of those good Halloween vibes from my childhood!

  116. Cheryl Cheers says:

    You are so creative and are truly blessed having such a loving and talented dad that makes sure his “little girl’s” dreams come true. I also love the idea of the permanent lighting.

  117. Mary Kimbler says:

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  118. Nicole B says:

    I want permanent lighting so badly. Love your monster house!

  119. Cheryl Cheers says:

    You are so creative and blessed to have such a loving and talented dad. He makes sure all of his “little girl’s” dreams come true! Love the lighting!

  120. Lisa Byrd says:

    If there ever was an absolutely adorable Monster House you’ve got it!! ♥️

  121. Leticia Andrews-Hawkins says:

    I mean….my Goodness this looks great!! We love Monster House too and yours looks great. I also love that your dad helped you with your idea and making it all come together!! Nuthin like a handy Daddy!!

  122. Heidi George says:

    Love the creativity! I have never heard of permanent lighting until you did it! Now all the kids want to be cool like you!
    Thanks for sharing your home and life!

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    So inspiring 🥰

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