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September 21, 2022

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It’s been 2 years ago that I decided to turn my house into a Haunted House. Here I will tell you exactly how to recreate this look at your own home. This idea actually landed our home in the 2022 Better Homes & Gardens Magazine issue for Halloween. How amazing is that?! Talk about a bucket list moment.

Why I love Halloween.

If you didn’t know, Halloween is one of my favorite holidays. I have wonderful childhood memories attached to Halloween. Giving my children those same memories and carrying on that tradition for our family is the reason that I do all that I do for the holidays. Last year around this very time, my family and I were really struggling. Beginning in September 2021, we lost the very person who gave us our love of Halloween. In the next two months, (October and November) we lost her Husband and then my Sister. Looking back, I feel like I was on autopilot for the last part of 2021. I lost the very people who made my childhood memories of Halloween so special. This year, I’m back and the tradition just means more than ever now.

First, Consider your climate

Initially, I tried to hang my boards with command strips and other various sticky options. I have never had any luck with those in this southern, humid climate. I am in South Carolina if you didn’t know. You may be able to attach your boards using only command strips if your climate allows, making this project even easier!

Last year, Shannon (@livingwithlady) was able to recreate this look using only command strips. She lives in Washington (for reference) and as you can see, they are fully exposed to her climate. Ah, I just love it!!


Create your grid

Since I couldn’t use command strips to hang my boards, I came up with the idea to create a grid that would “disappear” when hung over the windows. For the grid we used lattice moulding. We took the measurements from my windows to create a grid that is the exact same measurements. If I recall correctly, It took three 8 ft lattice strips per window (my windows are pretty tall). We assembled the grids and then the boards from the wall panel to the grid using only a staple gun. Very easy!

back of the boarded grids so you can see the staples

Next, you’ll need lightweight boards.

To create that boarded up look, I used one of these Barnboard Wall Panels and cut it into individual strips to look like boards. You can use your imagination here and use vinyl plank flooring, foam (paint it to look like wood), etc. I used the wall panel because it gave me several boards for minimal cost while still being light and easy to work with. I had my sweet Daddy cut the wall panel into 20 individual pieces for me. For my project, I was only covering the windows on the front of my house and one panel was enough for this. I have four 6 ft windows on the porch and one small, upstairs window that I boarded up.

How I Hang them up

To hang, I screwed a single screw into the top of my window trim outside. Thats what I use each year to hang them. I also use this same screw to hang my Christmas wreaths. I painted the head of the screw the same color as my exterior paint color. You don’t notice it there unless you’re really looking for it.

For some extra stability, I also wrap the center board of the lattice grid with string and pull to the inside of my window.

You can also watch how I do this here if you need a better visual.

Since sharing this a few years ago, I’ve seen it recreated several times and it brings me so much joy to be able to share my wild ideas with you. Make sure to tag me on Instagram if you decide to create your own spooky house! I love to see it!

Happy Haunting friends.



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  1. Katye Mutter says:

    Great idea!!! I love this! Your home is so beautiful 😍