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September 14, 2023

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diy window shelving

Window Shelving in the Breakfast Nook

This DIY window shelving transformed our breakfast nook! And ya’ll know how much I love my breakfast nook! I’ve talked about it a few times on the blog, how we created the banquet seating, the blinds I ended up cutting and hanging to perfection AND today it’s all about the window shelving. This is honestly something you can easily add to your house, so I am gonna tell you just how I did it! 😆

DIY window shelving

Nook Inspiration

The idea to add shelving above the windows came to me while I was trying to think of ways to bring more color and visual interest to the space. I felt like overall it felt a little “cold” since the walls and surrounding windows are white.

One of the things I love most about this spot is the view of the water and I definitely didn’t want to block that! Initially, I had green books on the shelves and then over time I began decorating the shelves seasonally. The window shelving is so fun, not only for seasonal decor, but to add personal collections to!

thorn cove shelving

If you didn’t know, I collect sailboats to display on the shelves during the summer months {isn’t that the perfect thing for summer!} During the winter, I have little wooden cut out trees and in the fall, of course is pumpkins. I need some ideas for Spring I guess? Maybe my favorite plates since one of my fave DIY hacks is decorating with inexpensive pretty plates!

diy window shelving

DIY Window Shelving How To

This is seriously such an easy DIY with impact! You could do this in an afternoon and enjoy the results for years to come {like I do!}


  • 2 1x10x8 boards (or however many you need to complete the length of your windows)
  • 3 Shelf Brackets per board for support (2 installed below and 1 on top)
  • 1 Corner Brace (if you are just doing the two boards like I did)
  • Paint

Lets get to work!

I painted the shelves my favorite shade of white to match the walls and windows. I wanted it to look seamless and custom. True confession here, I was lazy and didn’t even paint the top of the shelves because ain’t nobody ever gonna see them but me!

While the shelves were drying, we measured and installed the lower brackets and corner brace. We placed the lower brackets at the end of each board and right where they meet in the corner. {You can also see my boards rest on top of the upper window ledge for extra support.}

We also added one bracket on top of each board {those green books I use get heavy. } The corner brace helps hold the two boards together.

After installing the shelves, I added these wood shades. I love the additional warmth and texture they add to the space and best part, they don’t impair the outdoor scenery! I have an entire post on how I cut them and made them perfectly in each window. You may not need to cut yours, I just have very narrow windows here.

DIY window shelving
DIY Window Shelving Complete!

Final Nook Look

Since I painted the shelves white, I love adding pop of color! I think the pumpkins add the perfect pop of color and interest, you can’t even see I didn’t paint the shelf tops! When I am changing out the decor, I use the DIY banquet storage to stow out of season items, like the sailboats and trees.

Check out my LTK for all the things I used to complete this project! What do you think of this DIY? Will you be trying it? And, what should I put on the shelves during the Spring??

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  1. Andrea says:

    I came to the blog for this and I’m staying! I don’t have a wall of windows in my teeny-tiny 2-bedroom bungalow but I desperately need something to add some cottage character to an otherwise “modernized” little home. I may run it the length of the room or I may just run it across the lone, drywalled, boxed in, support beam…maybe both! Your homes are the EXACT inspiration I’ve been seeking on the interwebs! I think we’re northern/southern kindreds!