A Cozy Cloffice Christmas!

December 7, 2022

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Cozy Cloffice Christmas Decor

The little Cloffice has served us SO WELL and now look how cute she is decorated for Christmas! We needed this space more than we even realized. Since we started using it as soon as it was physically possible, we didn’t have time to put on final touches, until now. I love using these small wreaths and a ribbon around the house to bring a little Christmas to each room.

Cloffice Creativity

Some of you may recall that the “Cloffice” was originally a functional closet. One of the main functional features were some ugly {but necessary} electrical panels. I had to get creative with a way to to hide those, while still having access to them. While it may look like I had the perfect wall space for two lovely photos on the side, look closer. On the backs of the framed photos from our magazine feature, I hot glued some very strong magnets! Pretty good idea, right?! I thought so too.

A sweet little Christmas Mouse

A Cloffice Christmas Mouse

The little mouse lamp needed to get moved up a little higher so the ambient lighting wasn’t right in our line of sight. But that long black cord he needs certainly does not go with the style of the Cloffice. I added these cord covers to help disguise everything. You may have heard me mention these covers before. I have the covers in our RV to help disguise cords from the lamps added in the bedroom. {Don’t you love his little hat?}

After using this space for several weeks, the only thing we’ve been missing is a trash can. So I added one of these trash cans that we also use in the RV. They are so great for small spaces! 

Cozy Cloffice Christmas

Mark and I take turns using this space every day. We were able to convert this tiny closet into a functional space where the business magic happens! The final thing that was missing for us was a printer, but I think I have figured out a way to add that in comfortably. Right now we have the printer in a cabinet in the kitchen so you will have to stay tuned to see how that comes about…

I love the challenge of decorating tiny spaces. It always brings out so much more creativity and joy than I expect! {If you want to see the full details and recreate this space yourself, check out the original Cloffice reveal post!}

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