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3 Inexpensive Ways to Decorate for Christmas

November 30, 2022

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While I love Christmas time and all the home decorating ideas that come along with it, I know the cost can quickly add up. Especially, when you think of all the other things we tend to buy and do this time of year. If you’ve been around here any length of time, you know I am all about ways to decorate your home beautifully that don’t break the bank. I wanted to share with you three inexpensive ways you can decorate for Christmas (and still have money left for gifts!)

Thorn Cove Abode Living Room


I enjoy collecting quilts throughout the year that color coordinate with each season. My couches (that I love) are neutral which allows for seasonal decorating. Having a neutral couch means I am able to easily swap out different quilts throughout the year (storing them in cute baskets like this one.) I throw the quilts over the back of the couch for an instant room change. For Christmas, I usually use a red quilt, but you can use the color you like best. Pro tip (especially if you are new to quilts): If I am only using these quilts as part of my decor, and not for snuggling, I search for something called “cutter” quilts. A cutter quilt is a quilt that has some imperfections, but are priced much lower than “perfect” quilts and still look good. Usually, I able to manipulate the way I hang or drape them so the imperfections are not visible.


Another inexpensive way to decorate for Christmas is turning old sweaters into stockings! I am a huge fan of “no sew” projects and have crowned myself the hot gluing machine queen. I head to my local Thrift Store or Goodwill and find a cozy inexpensive sweater. Then, I create a stocking template from some old cardboard or cardstock paper. For the stocking in the photo, I used an old stocking as my template, traced onto cardboard and cut it out. Next, I laid the template on the old sweater and cut out the sweater. Tip: Make your template wider than your desired finished product. Your seams will make the final stocking narrower. After cutting out two stocking sides, I make sure the two sides of the stocking are flipped inside out so the glue line is not visible once finished. I hot glue a thin straight line around the edges of the stocking. Once the glue is dry, I flip the stocking right side out and am done! Tip: use a pencil to push out the rounded corners.


This is so much easier than you think and is one of my top posts year after year! You can watch the full video run down of how I do it here on my Instagram. It literally only takes me 10 minutes! Curtains can be expensive, but they make such a huge difference in a room. I have found it is much cheaper to buy a tablecloth than yards of fabric so that’s what I do. My ceilings are tall, so I buy 108″ long tablecloths to give myself extra material. I am able to use one tablecloth and cut it in half to make two curtain panels. Some of my favorite spots to shop for tablecloths are Marshalls, TJMAXX, and Walmart. Make sure not to grab the tablecloths that are that plastic-y material you see at BBQs (that will not look good) Tip: You can flip your raw edge over and hot glue it down if you choose or just tuck it inside before hanging if using clip rings. Curtain rods don’t have to break the back either. I have used these curtain rods for several years now. And since people tend to ask, I tie Twill Tape (say that 10x fast) around each clip ring for a more layered look.

Santa Hats on Silhouettes


One more inexpensive way to decorate for Christmas is to add Santa hats! You can use these little Santa Hats or DIY your own and add them to your pictures, taxidermy and/or decor around the house. We have been putting them all over the house this year and it has been bringing us so much joy!

I hope you have been inspired and reminded that it’s possible to decorate for Christmas without breaking the bank. If you are looking for more DIY inspiration on my Blog, click here!



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    I love these ideas!

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    Such great ideas! Thanks for sharing! Love watching you and your family!!❤️🎄🌺

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